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Wow. I’d like to apologise to my Project 365 readers. I appear to have blinked and week 21 has passed me by. It’s probably a good job I take a photo everyday otherwise I might have forgotten what we did all together!

Anywhoo, here’s a reminder of what me and clan got up to last week.

Monday 18th May 2015: Muddy Minions.
It’s the norm at DWBhq that little brother copies big brother, but when it came to getting BB some new wellies he wanted to have the same as LB. Very cute and it avoids arguments! 🙂

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Tuesday 19th May 2015: Dog days.
When we first got our dog I thought about setting up a camera to see what she did all day. Now shes been with us a while I’m convinced ist’s pretty much just watching out the window!

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Wednesday 20th May 2015: Listen up.
With concerns about his speech being affected by his hearing we were sent for some tests. It seems his hearing is fine and he was very happy to receive a sticker to show it!

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Thursday 21st May 2015: Not so blues brothers.
The wife was given some new sunglasses at work so she brought some home for the boys. Possibly the cutest blues brothers tribute act?

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Friday 22nd May 2015: Bob the burglar.
I got robbed on Friday. I paid a whole £1 for BB to have what seems like a 30 seconds ride on this stupid thing. I’d like to say it was money well spent, but I’d be lying to you.

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Saturday 23rd May 2015: Periscope Pals.
I’ve often thought about Vlogging but quite honestly I don’t think our days are interesting enough and I have a face for radio. We did the next best thing and joined periscope where you broadcast live. was good fun!

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Sunday 24th May 2015: Panama Pooch.
Gotta feel sorry for this dog, she’s been dressed in Halloween outfits, princess dresses and although I’m against dressing dogs up, she looked funny wearing a hat.

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Well, that’s week 21. I doubt with the school holidays week 22 will go so fast. Come back next week and find out what we got up to!

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As always, thanks for reading.

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