Project 365: Week 20 roundup

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Another week, another project 365 roundup!
We are at the end of week 20, and before we know it we will be half way through the year and halfway through Project 365.
This week involved fire fighters, gardening, another wedding and a sunday selfie.

Week 20

Monday 11th May 2015: Politically correct fire.
As we went for a walk to the park on Monday afternoon a skip on somebody’s driveway was on fire and the fire brigade turned up to check all was OK. Funniest thing was that instead of fireman or firewoman BB refered to them as firefighters…very PC!

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Tuesday 12th May 2015: Christopher Nibble.
One of our fave stories is that about a guinea pig who loves to eat dandelions and lived in Dandeville…we had our own dandeville in our front garden!

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Wednesday 13th May 2015: Big job, little man.
Daddy was doing a little gardening which involved digging up some dirt. LB decided he would try to give me a hand using one of his toy diggers. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.

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Thursday 14th May 2015: Protective drunk.
Living in a city all my life I have seen a fair few drunks hugging their latest batch of moonshine and that’s exactly how LB fell asleep…I think it was just juice!

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Friday 15th May 2015: Family school run.
Normally when both mummy and daddy are home, BB insists on mummy taking him to school. Today he insisted we all went and who are we to argue!

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Saturday 16th May 2015: Here comes the bride.
Another weekend and another wedding. Over the past three weeks MrrsDWB has attended three wedding celebrations. The day was great and some of the wedding was Batman themed so obviously that’s cool!

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Sunday 17th May 2015: Sunday Selfie.
BB is becoming quite the photographer and he loves to use our phones to take pictures. After 25 of the TV and 83 of the dog he snapped this lovely selfie.

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Well there we go. It’s been a busy week and I imagine next week will be just as busy…but no weddings!

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As always, thanks for reading.


  1. How exciting to see the firefighters in action, and how politically correct is BB? 🙂 I love the picture of LB helping you out with his digger as well, it’s so cute when they want to start doing that!

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