Project 365: Week 19 roundup

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Weeks are flying by and soon we will be half way through the year.
Week 19 of my Project 365 consisted of proof we can picnic anywhere, some treats for him and her, some memories and a little bit of dancing.

Week 19

Monday 04th May 2015: Ready, Steady..Picnic!
As it was bank holiday and mummy was at work, we went to visit my brother. They love seeing their uncle and when it came to lunch time they insisted on having their only little picnic on his living room floor!

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Tuesday 05th May 2015: Hot in hats. The weather might be brightening up but my boys still insist on wearing their hats sometimes. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.

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Wednesday 06th May 2015: For him and Her.
On Wednesday night we treated ourselves to a night away and a stay at a local spa. They were kind enough to give us this little gift as a congratulations. It was nice to include stuff for both MrsDWB and myself.

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Thursday 07th May 2015: 10 Years gone by. Thursday we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We couldn’t resist going to our wedding venue and having a peek. It’s hard to make out but that’s the same picture hanging behind us. Pictures taken 10 years (pretty mush to the minute) apart.

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Friday 08th May 2015: Edward Peghands
You spend all that money on toys. Santa brings all those presents and yet here is our beloved child playing with pegs! hey, whatever works!

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Saturday 09th May 2015: Dancing Dude. This picture might be blurry but with good reason. BB was showing us some dancing moves. Mummy had to clear the “Stage” and sit where he told her and daddy had to play the tunes. Loved seeing him get his groove on.

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Sunday 10th May 2015: An audience with LB.
We visited our favourite farm today and the wife captured this photo of LB. It looks like he is giving some sort of speech.

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Come back next week and see what fun we got up to!

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