Project 365: Week 18 roundup

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Another week flys by and another set of photos to share with you. This week Project 365 contains Parents, plasters, poorly boys and other things I can’t start with the letter P!

Before we get to the photos I wanted to thank ‘TheBoyandMe’ for hosting the Project 365 linky. She has recently decided to take a step back from this linky but I wanted to say thanks and hopefully it’s short-lived and you’ll be back soon.

Right then, onto week 18.

Monday 27th April 2015: Happy birthday mum.
My mum was 51 when she passed away back in 2000. If she would have been alive she would have been 67. Excuse the dodgy hair. Mums wasn’t great either.

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Tuesday 28th April 2015: First cut is the deepest. My wife has her evening meal prepared by a Michelin chef every night. Michelin man that is… She may have got a little extra in her lasagne! (She didn’t of course)

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Wednesday 29th April 2015: Poorly boy.
As a parent you hate it when your kids are poorly. Not only is it unpleasant to see it’s also unpleasant to clean up!

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Thursday 30th April 2015: A helping hand. My kids love it when I hoover. They like to help, which in the case meant grab as many toy as possible and pile them on the sofa. I’m some of these weren’t even on the floor!

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Friday 01st May 2015: Lets get ready to rumble.
Some would say it is the biggest fight in boxing history. Instead of going to sleep at a reasonable hour I stayed up a little to watch the weigh least I didn’t stay up for the 4am!

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Saturday 02nd May 2015: The boys. I don’t post many pictures of me cos quite frankly I have a face for radio, but as we were all dressed up to attend a friend’s wedding I couldn’t resist a selfie!

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Sunday 03rd May 2015: Sun Catcher
If dogs could get sun tans our pooch would be bronze! OK bonze-er. She loves a lay in the sun even if it does mean laying in the middle of a road!..kinda.

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Week 18 in the books and on the blog.

Once again a massive thanks to ‘TheBoyandMe’ for hosting the linky which you can find HERE. Go check out some other amazing pictures.

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. Nothing worse than poorly kids, but it looks like he bounced back pretty quickly to be piling toys on the sofa with such glee! Our sofas end up like that when we’re cleaning too 🙂

    Happy birthday to your Mum – 51 is too young 🙁

  2. any patch of sun is good when your a dog, ours use to follow the sun round the house and move from room to room.
    Love the selfie with the boys, al looking very smart.
    I hate spewy kids, nothing worse than having to sit with them, the wee ones learnt very young that the eldest was the go to not mum…..bad mum that I was.

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