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So the election has come and gone. Only 60% of the country actually voted but it seems 80% are complaining that those that won actually won. 

There’s been protests, war memorials being defaced, politicians resigning…then not resigning. The country is in fear if what the next 5 years is gonna bring. Well now it’s time to vote again only this time te vote is not going to affect your life at all but it could affect mine!

Voting day also saw the launch of the MAD (Mum And Dad) awards and I would be doing myself a dis-service if I didn’t campaign just a little bit. 


Click here to vote
Click here to vote
 I’m not going to beg (yet), I’m not goin to scream and shout, I’m not going to create a very impressive music video like Tom over at Diary of the Dad (I’m not that talented) but I will ask nicely. 

I am proud that I am a good writer and I try to write about things that matter to me and not just fill my blog with rubbish. Even if you are reading this and now disagree

So if you haven’t already voted and you enjoy what goes on here at dadwhoblogs the please PLEASE (Asking twice isn’t begging is it?) send a vote my way because if I can’t get nominated in the MADs but a political party called Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah Al-Zebabist Nation of OOOG can get 30 votes in a local election I will be VERY upset! Lol

Just click on this little Link and nominate me for any categories you feel the need to!

No matter what, thanks for reading this and every other post you have read.


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