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OK, so for the aim of full disclosure my wife works for a company owned by They are a holiday price comparison website that for the record are unfortunately not paying me to write this post! lol
BUT earlier this year they sponsored a competition to find Celebrity Mum of the year. This was won by TOWIE star Billie Faiers and since then I have been giving MrsDWB grief about making sure they get involved with the dad version of the award.
MrsDWB doesn’t have any control over such things but it didn’t stop me moaning about it!

She was therefore very relieved to tell me that were in fact sponsoring Celebrity Dad of the year and after all the moaning it’s only fair that I spread the word and get some support drummed up.

These awards were sponsored by Marvel last year so they are kind of a big deal!

So who do you think should be Celebrity Dad of the year?
Gary Barlow is already hunting for votes!

So don’t make all my moaning be in vain. Get out there and show the interwebs that people care about celebrating awesome dads!

Just click on the picture below and cast your vote! are proud to announce that we are the official sponsor of Celebrity Dad of the Year 2015! We’re looking for a famous dad who’s doing a great job both at work and at home, and we need your help to do it.

Who do you think is being a great role model to his kids while maintaining a life in the spotlight? Nominate your favourite celebrity dad, and they could be entered into our shortlist for this prestigious award!

When you make your nomination for Celebrity Dad of the Year you’ll also be automatically entered into’s prize draw to win tickets to Alton Towers for 2 adults and 2 children, so you can treat the best dad in your life. Submit your nomination NOW!

Once again, I’m getting nothing in return for this post other than the satisfaction that great dads a being celebrated so make sure you share this post and spread the word!

As always, thanks for reading.

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