5 summer movies to look out for (You may have never heard of)

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I see these lists all the time. 5 SUMMER MOVIES YOU MUST SEE!!
But what about the great films that are’nt considered blockbusters but look like great films.

So here is my list of 5 films you may or may not have heard of that I am looking forward to this summer.

God created man. Man created immortality. If you could take a life to live forever would you? This looks like a smart sci-fi movie with a cool cast and a cool story.

I remember watching ‘The Krays’ when I was younger and loved it. Now comes a new version of the story starring Tom Hardy and.. Tom Hardy.

We’ve all seen films where the male lead goes out, parties and sleeps around. now it’s the ladies turn. Dont expect an Oscar worthy script but it looks pretty funny.

Southpaw tell the story of a boxer who hits the top of his game but his life hits rock bottom. Jake Gyllenhaal puts on his gloves in July.

True Story
I love films that showcase actors doing something different. True Story shows the serious side to Jonah Hill and James Franco.

There are some great movies coming out this year and not all of them are comic book/superhero movies.

What films are you looking forward to seeing this year?
Which films should be included?
Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!

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