Project 365: Week 17 roundup

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I’ve been in a bit of limbo with my blogging recently. I have stuff I think I want to say but I’m not sure anybody would be interested and most would just be me waffling! 🙂 One constant I have tried to keep up with is my project 365.
So for any non 365’rs out there who came here for an insight to the world of being a dad I’m sorry to disappoint. For those looking for pics…welcome!

Ladies and gentlemen. Week 17 of my project 365

Monday 20th April 2015: Where it all began..kinda.

This is no ordinary working mens club. This is a club I remember visiting many times over my child hood. It’s in my second home of Havefordwest and the location where I proposed to my beautiful wife.

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Tuesday 21st April 2015: Making memories.
I have memories of playing on the beaches of Wales and I love the fact that my kids are making those memories together on those same beaches. Everybody say Awe…

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Wednesday 22nd April 2015: Long Way Round.
There was a TV show once where two guys rode from coast to coast and around the world on their bikes. I imagine this is how the toddler version would look.

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Thursday 23rd April 2015: iPad corner.
We loved the caravan we were staying in but the kids got bored of the DVD’s we brought. Thankfully Netflix worked on the wifi. We created a little area called ‘iPad Corner’.

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Friday 24th April 2015: If you sprinkle…
This little mirror once sat on the wall of my mums flat. When she passed away her sister took it and it sat in her bathroom. now it sits in my sisters loo. Still true though!

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Saturday 25th April 2015: Perfect timing.
Some pictures are complete luck. Although it looks like the boys are holding hands in reality LB tried to hold BB’s hand but he said no. Somehow I managed to capture it just at the right point. This is my new home screen on my phone.

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Sunday 26th April 2015: Cheeky Chappy.
I know most parents say their respective kids are really cute but you can’t deny that LB is one good-looking little man and he makes us laugh and smile daily.

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I hope you like the selection of photos from our week on holiday. we had a great time…I might even blog about it! lol

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As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Loving the sibling photos, especially the one on the beach. LB is definitely rocking his style. I love hats on children, but N will only entertain a sunhat. No chance of other funky ones.

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