Project 365: Week 16 roundup

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I am currently sat on holiday in a very nice caravan in a beautiful town called Fishguard, watching (and quoting) Bad Boys on TV, on very slow broadband and I still gotta make sure my Project 365 post is published!

That’s dedication! Ha! Hope you like them!

Ladies, gentlemen and every one else whose reading, week 16 of dadwhoblogs Project 365.

Monday 13th April 2015: My name is.
It might be a little shaky and it might be written for the hard of sight but this is BB writing his name without any help for the first time. Proud daddy moment!

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Tuesday 14th April 2015: Ssssh I’m sleeping!

I think BB finally had enough of his brothers cough. When I went into give LB some medicine he was laid like this.

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Wednesday 15th April 2015: Bulk buy.

Me and MrsDWB are on the slimming World diet. This rice is currently ‘Allowed’ on that diet but they recently changed the recipe which makes it ‘Not Allowed’…so the wife bought the good stuff in bulk! 44 packets of it!

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Thursday 16th April 2015: Action shot.

It was a really nice day so daddy moved the car out of the drive and the boys turned into a speedway!

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Friday 17th April 2015: Perfect Picnic.

Normally a picnic is had in a nice field under the sun…or in this case on the floor of a messy living room..but if that’s what you want!

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Saturday 18th April 2015: Not a bad view.

My sister recently moved down to a beautiful place called Fishguard in Pembrokeshire west Wales. I know it well as I visited it a lot as a child. We’ve made the 230 mile journey to see them and this was the view that welcomed us.

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Sunday 19th April 2015: Breezy at the beach.
It might be cold, it might be windy but that doesn’t stop the boys and their cousin from having a run around on the beach!

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Right, I’m going to bed. Its blooming cold in this caravan!

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As always, thanks for reading!


  1. That is dedication – to upload and post all these pictures with dodgy broadband…you’re a good chap!
    I’m loving the handwriting photo; it’s their first steps to reading and writing and who knows where that’ll take them (blogging, perhaps?!!)
    And your indoor picnic made me smile!
    Glad you had a lovely time away & I hope the caravan has warmed up!

    1. Thanks for the reply.
      I was so chuffed when he did that as i wasmt expecting it to be so “Good”.
      We do love our picnincs..inside or outside! lol

  2. hope your enjoying your caravan stay, shame it is cold on the beach, it has been great here.
    Love the blue sky and the breakwater.
    Great buy Mrs DWB, and I laughed at him with the pillow over his ears.

  3. Hope you’re having a lovely holiday – Fishguard really does look stunning. And oh my word that’s a lot of super rice!! Lovely writing from BB too. What a great set of photos 🙂

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