Project 365: Week 15 roundup

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Week 15 of my project 365 was week one of the school holidays and also easter. It’s been a busy one and seems to have flown by!..I seem to say that a lot! But it’s true! I think the older you get, the quicker the time flies….or is that just me?

Anyway, here we go. Week 15

Monday 06th April 2015: Wonderful Technology.
Recently my sister moved from around 5 miles away to be 250 miles away. One downside of that is our boys won’t grow up together…that doesnt mean they can’t have breakfast together…..via skype!

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Tuesday 07th April 2015: Growing fast.
We recently had to admit that our baby wasn’t a baby anymore. He was growing out of his current car seat. When we got him a new one and strapped him in he looked like such a big boy!

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Wednesday 08th April 2015: Fatman Sqaush.
Another Wednesday, another attempt at squash. I may not be fit but if I miss a week I can really tell!

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Thursday 09th April 2015: Hard knock life.
It’s obviously very stressful being two years old. So stressful that you can’t simply relax on the sofa, you have to lay on daddy AND the sofa.

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Friday 10th April 2015: Winter Comforts.
It’s spring time and that means the weather is improving…THAT means we can enjoy the garden again and yes it may be warm enough to wear only T-Shirt and shorts but LB still likes his winter comforts…like his hat. Silly Boy.

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Saturday 11th April 2015: Lucky snaps.
This was originally going to be a picture of just BB laying on the grass but at the last-minute her looked away. it turned out to be a lovely shot of him watching is mummy and LB playing in the background.

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Sunday 12th April 2015: Food and Football.
Who says men can’t multitask? While I wanted to relax and take in Sundays football matches on TV there was food to be made. You can’t take the kitchen to football but you can take football to the kitchen! For those wondering we had fish fingers, chips and mushy peas. 🙂

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There you have it! Week 15. My photos might not win any awards but they are a reflection of what goes on in our days and I hope you like them.

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As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Aw looks like the boys are having so much fun and I love the warm hat at least he wasn’t committed to putting away his winter clothes like everyone else, its blooming freezing today!

  2. looks like you all had a really fun week, My 3 all insisted on wearing their winter hats with their shorts and t-Shirts too.
    The photo of BB watching his mom and LB is so perfectly timed too and a lovely memory shot

  3. yeeeuuuccchhhh at the mushy peas. I like that picture of him looking at mum and brother.
    They do grow up to quick and the months/years do disappear too quick.
    We have been out in t shirts as well this week , but Bob is the same and has had his winter jacket on with his hood up.

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