Project 365: Week 14 roundup

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Time is flying by! we are already half way through week 15 of Project 365 and I am only just doing my week 14 round-up! Everytime I came to do this post something (not always important admittedly) got in the way, but while the kids are busy destroying my living room it leaves me with 5 spare minutes to finally do this…

So here is Project 265 Week 14.

Monday 30th March 2015: Back to Back

Luckily there was no gunfight in the making here, I just wanted to compare how tall the boys were. LB started off as a pretty small kid but he seems to be growing fast. Here BB is 3yrs 8m and LB is 2yrs 3m.

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Tuesday 31st March 2015: Howdy Partner
The cowboy theme is complete coincidence I promise you, but this week we had to make an easter bonnet for school. This was the beginnings of his hat before we decorated it. This is his attempt at a wink!

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Wednesday 01st April: April fool.
OK, it’s not quite an April fools no matter what LBs shocked face tells you. It is however a trick because I didn’t take these pictures, BB did. He really enjoys taking pictures even if it is 100 of the same thing!

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Thursday 02nd April 2015: Say what?
Today BB had an appointment at a speech therapist. Although he isn’t quite where we would like him he has improved massively. Hopefully these cards will help further!

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Friday 03rd April 2015: Who killed Roger Rabbit?
It’s good friday and that means one thing! Chocolate! We visited our local town centre and the market there had a small egg hunt and a balloon maker and face painter. This was a pretty cool bunny balloon until the kids killed him with love.

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Saturday 04th April 2015: On ya bike!…nearly.
BB has a little plastic Spider-man thing but he is far too big for it. When we went for a visit to a local toy shop we tried to introduce the idea of a ‘Big Boy Bike’….he wasn’t against the idea..just against pedalling!

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Sunday 05th April 2015: We’re going on an egg hunt!
This was our first easter where the kids were old enough to appreciate what easter is all about…Chocolate. (Sorry, no religion at DWBHQ). The wife put together a little egg hunt. Eggs were hidden in toys, cupboards and even the garden. The kids loved and so did we…..they might just finish the chocolate in time for next easter!

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Well there you have it! Week 14. Sorry again it has taken me so long, I know you organise your week around my Project 365 posts so hopefully next week we will be back on form.

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As always, thanks for reading!

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