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OK, you didn’t come to read my garble, you came to see this..
batfleckOK, now you can read my Garble..

I am a BIG batman fan. Not “Know everything about him in the world EVER” but I would say im a big fan.
I think I like all the old Batman films (yes even the one with the nipples) and especially ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. So when I heard they were going to bring back ‘The Worlds Greatest Detective’ I was excited.
Then I read it was going to be in a movie with ‘The man of Steel’ I was overjoyed.
THEN they announced it was going to Ben Affleck I nearly exploded!!

I have been a fan of Mr Affleck ever since I saw him as the jerk from fashionable male in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats. That made Affleck a part of the View Askew family and that meant you’re in my good books.

Obviously Mr Affleck has gone on to have a massive career. Acting, directing, being 1/2 of ‘Bennifer’ and now he puts on the cowl of one of my favourite all time movie characters? Holy Fan Boy Batman, what could be better?

People have speculated just what he would look like as Batfleck. After the comic-con clip and even after the teaser trailer you still didn’t get a great feel for how Batfleck would look. Well now we do ladies and gentlemen and he looks AWESOME. Exactly what I expected when I read Mr Affleck was on board and the direction the story would be going in.
There is one more image which shows an image from the waist up but as this isn’t an offical one so it’s possible it’s a fake…a very good one but a fake none the less.

What do you think?
A fan of Batfleck?
Has the recent footage and reveals converted you from a hater to a fan?

Let me know in the comments below.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hits cinemas March 2016.

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