Project 365: Week 13 roundup

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Oof its been a long week and I have found it really difficult to keep up with my making sure I have a photo for everyday and I can’t say with 100% guarantee that all the below pics were taken on the day they are tagged for but I THINK they were…is that close enough? I hope so!

Anywhoo, here is Week 13 of DWB does Project 365

Monday 23rd March 2015: Waiting for Grandad.
I mentioned to the boys that Grandad may be coming to see them after he got home from work…that then meant we stood waiting at the window for 3 hours. They do love their Grandad!

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Tuesday 24th march 2015: Playroom pandamonium
Every Tuesday LB is taken to a mums and tots group. As they were away on holiday I took him. (yes the only bloke) and when they went for snacks I laughed at the devastation left behind!

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Wednesday 25th March 2015: Brothers on bikes
It might be cold but we still can’t resist a quick zoom around the park on our bikes. You wouldn’t believe how hard ot was for them to stay in one place long enough for this picture! 🙂

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Thursday 26th March 2015: Dummy drunk.

We’ve all been there. One too many ‘Juices’ and you must have the last drink taken from your sleeping hand. At least he didn’t wake up with a hangover!

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Friday 27th March 2015: A load of balls.
Somewhere hidden there is my second born. In fairness it was BBs idea to bury him and LB seemed up for it!

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Saturday 28th March 2015: Gettin hot & steamy.
Kids in bed. Wife away for the night on a hen night, there’s only one thing left for me to do…Ironing. Is there anybody who actually LIKES ironing?

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Sunday 29th March 2015: Lazy Days
With the wife returning from the aforementioned hen night with very little sleep and no doubt a worse hangover than she was letting on, it called for a lazy Sunday for all. Yes, she is in there somewhere!

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Week 13 over with. it wasn’t unlucky but it was hard work. If I was at Project 2265 school, my work would have a not saying “Must Try Harder”.


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  1. I sometimes don’t manage to take a photo every day, so I think it’s perfectly OK to use a photo from another day just to keep the flow goin. As you go through the year you’ll find it becomes more of a habit to shoot something every day.

    I’m very impressed with you doing the ironing whilst Mrs Dadwhoblogs was out. I shall have to have strong words with John about that one… 😉

  2. I only will do the ironing when I am set up in front of the TV with a drink to hand trashy TV to watch! Well done for getting this far in the project, I am just getting into the routine now of taking a photo each day!

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