Project 365: Week 12 roundup

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Holy project 365 Batman this week has flown by! i didn’t even realise it was Sunday until it was too late, so here I am posting this on a Monday! Tut Tut.
if anything it’s MrsDWB’s fault as she has worked different days this week which has got me all confuzzled!

Anyway, let’s get to week 12 of DWB does Project 365.

Monday 16th March 2015: Homework

BB is still trying to get the hang of writing and ‘pinching’ his pen so I try to get him to practice at home. Not too much!

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Tuesday 17th March 2015: Award and reward Every week both LB and BB go to gymnastics. We feel it helps them with general play and interaction with others. When they achieve a skill, they get a little badge. This week they got one each!

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Wednesday 18th March 2015: Bump
Every day..EVERY DAY when we walk to school we walk past these posts. Well actually I walk past them, BB and LB have to bump into every one of them.

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Thursday 19th march 2015: N(ice) cream. BB asked for an ice cream lollypop the other day and who am I to say no. Problem was he didn’t realise how cold they would be. It’s OK they warmed them up outside!

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Friday 20th March 2015: Al fresco sun worship.
Sticking with the outside theme, it seemed BB and LB wanted to eat their lunch in our garden. Any glimpse of sun and they are out there!

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Saturday 21st March 2015: A nice bit of crumpet. Simple really. I saw them. I wanted them. I bought them. WE ate them. Gotta love a nice bit of crumpet!

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Sunday 22nd March 2015: Mr independent.
As LB gets older he becomes that little bit more intendant. Not long ago he would have happily let you feed him his whole meal but now he likes to give it a go. Growing fast!

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Well, there we have it. A dozen weeks, been and gone! Spring is trying to nudge its way into view so hopefully we can get outside a bit more.

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  1. I know just what you mean – when working hours shift here we are out of sync for ages after! Great collection of photos – bravo on that meal outdoors and I like their ambition with the ice-cream! It’s those little moments with the posts for bumping into that make Project 365 so brilliant, I think – already I am looking back on last year’s little moments and realising I would have forgotten them.

    1. This is the first time I have stuck to it so well (Finding it hard though) but I am sure it will be great to look back on.

      Thanks for the comment.

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