Project 365: Week 11 roundup

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Week 11 has come and gone.

This week we shared beds, drinks, food and laughs.

Ladies and gentlemen…Week 11 of my Project 365.

Monday 9th March 2015: They can agree on something.
All brothers argue but if there is one thing they agree on is that watching something on daddy’s iPad is much better than watching elsewhere!

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Tuesday 10th March 2015: Cheers
While taking BB for his weekly session of gymnastics, LB and I shared a drink in the cafe. One fo the first things he learnt as a baby was to say cheers. It’s just good manners, right?

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Wednesday 11th March 2015: Good Game, Good Game.
My usual squash partner couldn’t play this week, so instead I went over to his and did some good ol’ gaming.

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Thursday 12th March 2015: Buzzin’
LB’s latest toy is one of his favourite characters from the Toy Story trilogy and yes he has flashing lights, a laser and wings…aswell as some awesome dance moves.

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Friday 13th March: Baggage.
I recently attended Blog On Cymru and had to borrow a suitcase from my in-laws. LB wanted to help me return it and he looked very cute pulling his little suitcase along.

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Saturday 14th March 2015: Mexi-CAN.
If you want to go out for a Mexican but can’t find anybody to look after the kids, then I guess you bring the Mexican home. It was blooming yummy too!

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Sunday 15th March: Bowling.
Ever just let your kids eat however they want because then at least they eat what you want them to eat instead of fighting with them for an hour…. Welcome to Sunday.

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Week 11 in the books!

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