Project 365: Week 10 roundup

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Double figures! my Project 365 made it to double figures!

This week seems to have flown and again i haven’t done a very good job at uploading my photos. This week we dressed up, helped granddad, and put a castle on our heads…we’ve all been there!

Monday 2nd March 2015: Shirt and tie.
Man or woman I think every one likes to dress up smart. Well I haven’t done it for a long time but in my search for a job I had an interview monday so a shirt and tie was needed!

2/3 #Project365 61/365

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Tuesday 3rd march 2015: First ever costume. I’m not very arty so when BBs school announced they wanted kids to dress up as a character from ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. There’s not a great deal of choice so with a a pillowcase and some dodgy writing he became a bag of porridge!

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Wednesday 4th March 2015: Helping hand.
BB loves to help and when Granddad came to look at our broken dishwasher, BB couldn’t resist offering a helping hand.

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Thursday 5th March 2015: Wizard of LB. At DWBHQ we like to circulate our toys. By changing stuff around it stops the kids getting bored. We recently brought down this castle and for some reason LB insists on laying underneath it. Not figured out why yet. Any suggestions?

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Friday 6th March 2015: Good examples.
I love watching my two boys interacting and BB is already setting great examples. When I heard him ask LB if he wanted to read a book I couldn’t resist reaching for my phone.

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Saturday 7th March 2015: I’m no David Bailey. Last year I attended my first blogging conference at BlogOnMOSI, on Saturday I attended BlogOnCymru in Cardiff. As expected it was a great day and I learnt a thing or two. This pic (Not great) was taken in yet another great Photography session done by CaptureByLucy.

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Sunday 8th March 2015: Brothers.
Just like Friday I couldn’t resist getting a picture of my two boys laying together. It’s not every day they can relax together like this without “fighting” as all siblings their age do! 🙂

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Week 10 done.

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As always, thanks for reading!


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