We must be crazy!

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MrsDWB and I have been going back and forth over a particular decision now for a few months.
We made the same decision ages ago and lived to regret it for a while but it all turned out for the best and in fact, I think it is going to help now we have made this decision.
What life changing decision have we made?

Putting LB in his own bed!!……and in BBs room!

We must be crazy.

For background sakes. We put BB in a cotbed when he turned 2. The main reason for this was that he was so tall he was able to climb out of his cot and we didn’t want to be woken up in the night by the sound of our son hitting the ground.
At first it was seen as a mutual decision (at the time) but when it began to become a nightmare it was all down to me. This meant me being the one getting up every night and placing him back into his bed. Sometimes 8 times before he even went to sleep!

So when it came to the decision of putting LB into his own bed. I made sure the decision this time was as mutual as possible! 🙂
We’ve gone over different scenarios on how we were going to transition from cot to cotbed. After all we were not in as much of a rush. he slept OK, he couldn’t climb out like BB did, but we also knew we would have to make the change at some point so when is the best time? LB is now at an age where if we go away a travel cot is too small so he will have to be in a bed. if he was in a cot at home that could make any holiday disastrous.
But WHEN is it the right time?
Well it seems the time is now.
We decided not only were we going to try LB in a bed….we put LB into BBs bedroom.

We must be crazy!

So this week we built up what used to be BBs cotbed in BBs room and left LBs cot still in his room. This way we figured that we could give LB a choice. Did he want to sleep in a big boy bed in BBs room or in his own cot.

We must be crazy!

Night 1 was a unanimous decision….Cot
Night 2, he gladly laid in his big boy bed and listened to his bedtime story.
At some point we expected him to jump up and make his way back to his cot but he remained, relaxed and sleepy.
The wife and I looked at each other and knew it was time. We stood up, said our good nights and left our two little boys to share a room for the first time.

We sat in the room next door, waiting for their door to open. Waiting for tears, the sound of playing but instead for a while at least we got nothing but silence.

About 15 minutes later LB came to the door and when I went in he got back in bed and laid back down.
The next thing we heard made me very proud. It was the sound of BB telling his little brother to “Shush” and “Go to sleep”.

Maybe all that hard work teaching BB to stay in his bed was paying off!

I only needed to go in once and that was about 30 minutes after lights out. I could hear LB messing with the books on the book-case. I simply went back in, calmly laid him back down, kissed his head, told him it was still sleepy time and left. I also noticed that BB was snoring is beautiful little head off completely oblivious! Bless, its hard work being an awesome big brother!

So there we have it. Our two boys now share a room. We are NOT counting our chickens. I expect over the next few weeks we will have some rough nights ahead. What I do know that the hard work and perseverance that we had to have when we put BB in a bed paid off. He now sleeps well and doesn’t get up unless he needs the loo, so I know it will be hard work but it will be better for all in the long run….I hope!

We must be crazy!

When did you make the move?
Any recommendations on how to deal with 2 kids in one room? Any rules you go by?

As always, thanks for reading.


    1. This is exactly my reponse to the previous comment but its true…
      Will try and update later in the week. We had no real reason to have them in same room but I think I have some ‘Hollywood’ version of life where they bond as brothers more cos they shared a room as kids? Lets hope that doesnt bit me in the bum! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

    1. Will try and update later in the week. We had no real reason to have them in same room but I think I have some ‘Hollywood’ version of life where they bond as brothers more cos they shared a room as kids? Lets hope that doesnt bit me in the bum! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

  1. Sounds like quite a challenge but one that you’re tackling face on! No advice from me I’m afraid as we only have one sprog, although she has just gone into her own room having been in ours since she was born. Our transition has gone pretty smoothly so far – sleeping longer, feeding less – but I’m fully expecting something to go wrong soon!

  2. No advice here but my two actually sleep better when they share a bed, they have their own rooms but actually spend most nights with us! Argh! How cute are your kids by the way! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

    1. Wev’ve never had 0our kids sleep in our bed. Been a rule of ours from day 1. Plus with me in it, there isnt much room left! lol
      They are cute kids aren’t they! Me an the wife are still unsure how that happened! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment

  3. My youngest was about 19 months old and he climbed out of his cot and after that wasn’t worth a risk. Now all three of our kids share a room because they would rather share than one be on their own in another room! Most nights it works pretty well, but like everything else there are other nights that are a nightmare!

    1. We had no real reason to put them in the same room other than the idea that they would enjoy sharing a room. It had nothing to do with me wanting the box room for somewhere to play on my xbox..no..not one bit.

      Thanks for the comment

  4. My eldest used to get out loads to start with in his cot bed, he didn’t go into it until he was 2. His little brother was in a cot bed at 16 months, and was a little angel, never got out, and would often put himself to sleep early if he was tired! Luckily they are both mega heavy sleepers, so sharing a room was never a problem. I found with my eldest consistency was the key, and not talking to, or even usually looking at him properly when putting him back in his bed, he soon got bored of it! Crossed fingers he’s being good for you!!

    1. It seems to be going well so far. I think I said in my post, but the hardships we had with BB seem to have been worth it as now he is encouraging his younger brother to behamve! lol

      Thanks for the comment

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