Project 365: Week 8 roundup

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Unsurprisingly with the school holidays it’s been pretty hectic and that hasn’t made  keeping up with Project 365 very easy…but I managed it…JUST!

This week included one very poorly boy, one very grown up boy and an alien.

Without further ado, week 8 of my Project 365


Monday 16th February 2015: More ice cream!
Photo 37 was of LB eating ice cream and photo 38 is also of LB eating ice cream. We do feed in healty stuff too like…chocolate! (It’s made of beans and beans are good for you, right?)

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Tuesday 17th February 2015: The snore factory.
I love seeing this. Two brothers fast asleep. It’s really nice having them in the same room and up until now, they haven’t been quite as mischievous as we thought they would be!

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Wednesday 18th February 2015: Poorly Boy
Maybe it’s all the ice cream, maybe it’s not. but on Wednesday LB was a very poorly boy!

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Thursday 19th February 2015: A New generation.
Seeing BB sat at a laptop like this made him seem far older than he is.

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Friday 20th February 2015: My 2 boys.
It’s not very often they are sat nicely like this so when they were I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.

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Saturday 21st February 2015: Tickets to ride.
Today some very special tickets arrived. Tickets for one very big fan of Thomas to go see and ride that “Very useful engine” later this year. I’m already smiling thinking of how his face will look! 🙂

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Sunday 22nd February 2015: FAB Cafe.
Out for a few drinks for my friend’s birthday and we were in a sci-fi themed bar and little E.T. was staring at me all night.

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Another week and another set of photos.

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