Project 365: Week 7 roundup

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Week 7 of Project 365 done and dusted and another weeks of awesome photos…well I like em.
This week we have issues with OCD, a shout out to my usual Tuesday plans, Buried by pizza, story time and super heroes!

Monday 09th February 2015: Did she do this on purpose?
I’m sure she didn’t but when MrsDWB put this knife away she didn’t put it back the RIGHT WAY!! Needless to say I managed to put it back before I started itching! lol

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Tuesday 10th February 2015: The LoveAllDads podcast.
These pics are all about what we do in our day. Well Tuesdays we record our little podcast. Click on the badge on the right to have a listen to 4 dads chit chatting!

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Wednesday 11th February 2015: A good way to die?
I made the kids some pizza and placed it on their plate. Just so happened BB took the top piece and left it looking like Thomas had been buried in Pizza. I can think of worst ways to go!

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Thursday 12th February 2015: Story time.
Now the boys share a room we can have story time until lights out. BB decided LB’s bed was the venue for tonights story instead of his own bed. Very cute!

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Friday 13th February 2015: My Super Boys!
On this possibly unlucky day I needed some backup to make sure the day went smoothly. Here they are looking to the skys ready to take flight……or possibly just watching Dora the Explorer….possibly.

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Saturday 14th February 2015: Baby no more
Today was a sad day. for the first time in nearly 4 years there wont be a cot set up in our home. After LB is clearly happy in a cot bed there is no need to keep the cot up. Its being passed onto my sister-in-law who is due in July.

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Sunday 15th February 2015: Ice Ice (cream) baby.
No matter the weather, my boys will always tuck into a nice ice cream!

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Week 7 DONE. Onto week 8 already! Wow.

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As always, thanks for reading!


  1. oh for goodness sake, the knife is the other way round…get over it…..have to say the OCD traits in my (darling) husband drives me nuts…..
    Its never too cold for ice-cream
    why do modern children watch tv stood up? My grandkids do it, even the 8 and 12 yr old.

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