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I’ve found it difficult this week. On the days that I do remember to take a photo, I forget to upload it to Instagram so if you’re keeping track on there, it may be a little confusing! 🙂
It’s a good job I am kind enough to write these lovely little round ups then isn’t it!

So here we go…Week 6 of my Project 365.


Monday 2nd February 2015: Table top trains.
BB is Thomas the Tank Engine crazy. His granddad brought him some tables home so he could have his track (1 of many) on a level that was easier. Turns out they weren’t big enough!

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Tuesday 3rd February 2015: Baby in a big boy bed.
We have been trying to decide when the right time to move LB from cot to cot-bed. We had them both setup and on Tuesday he chose the upgrade. Check out more here.

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Wednesday 4th February 2015: Squarsh (yes i meant to spell it like that. lol)
I don’t do a lot of excercise but when I do I like to do it by banging little black balls against a wall and normally I do it with another man.

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Thursday 5th February 2015: Meat sweats
I’m at that age now that instead of going out and getting drunk every weekend, I choose to go out for a meal with friends. Damn am so old 🙁 I was originally going to use a picture of my food, but i ate it before realising I hadn’t taken the picture! D’oh!

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Friday 6th February 2015: Caught my eye.
I love looking at the photos from this linky and I see so many great photos. This view caught my eye while going for a morning walk with LB.

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Saturday 7th february 2015: Biker Bros
It might be cold but that doesn’t stop the brotherly biker gang riding!

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Sunday 8th February 2015: Ram-beling
Today we went for a big long walk around Temple Newsam. It’s a country house estate and when I saw this I thought it would make a nice photo for my Project 365.

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Well I hope you like my photos from this week. Tried to vary them a little bit more and look out for things that would make a good photo (in my opinion). If you have any hints or photographic tips feel free to leave me a comment below!

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As always, thanks for reading!


    1. The transition has gone well. Thanks for the cooment about the photos. Most of mine are stuff that goes on in our fay but sometimes I see something I think would look good.

      Thanks for the comment.

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