Project 365: Week 4 roundup

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I was a little confused when I typed the title of this post. After all we are on week four of Project 365 but it is not the end of January yet! But here we are, week four.
This week we’ve been pampered, we’ve been fed and still not one picture this week is of food! I know your disappointed but let me know and I will try harder next week!

As with any week, it starts with a Monday

Monday 19th january 2015: Papa got pampered.
I’m not one for pampering but on Monday the wife and I checked ourselves into a local health spa who kindly gave us a pair of the fetching slippers!

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  Tuesday 20th January 2015: Feed the family My in-laws are always taking us out for tea, so thanks to the Pizza Hut voucher I won at I could return the favour!

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Wednesday 21st January 2015: Do you wanna build a snowman?
Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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  Thursday 22nd January 2015: Brothers in arms. When messing about and carrying LB to bed, BB insisted he wanted to carry his baby brother.

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Friday 23rd January 2015: Burgled
As often happens late on an afternoon, I was making tea in the kitchen and the boys were playing around in the next room. When I walked in, It took me a few seconds to figure out if we’d been having fun or actually been burgled. Messy Boys!

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  Saturday 24th January 2015: A VERY newborn on the farm. Today we went to one of our favourite petting farms and we missed the little guys birth by minutes, umbilical cord still attached and everything! Very cute.

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Sunday 25th January 2015: Poorly Daddy.
Everyone at DWBHQ has been full of coughs sniffles. Shares in tissues and medicine have skyrocketed!

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Well there we have it, week 4 done.

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  1. i thought the same when I wrote my post this week that despite being week 4, there is still one more week of january left!
    that is a fab snowman
    sorry you have all been suffering with colds and sniffles this week
    thank you for linking up to Project 365 x

    1. I have a ffunny feeling doing this will show me just how fast the year goes! I can’t believe it is the middle of Feb alrready!
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. lots and lots of sniffles doing the rounds, hope it does not get to bad.
    Restaurant vouchers are a great win, well done.
    Thats a great snowman, mine is approx 6 inches high.
    Oh dear at the messy toys, nut then they clear up quickly.
    Commenting on behalf of Project 365 and myself

  3. How do kids make such a mess in such a quick time, I would love to have that mind set to just trash the house and leave everything everywhere! Maybe one day Ill try it to see how much mess I do make!!

    1. I think thats why I used to love a show on TV, which as I type this I can’t remember what it was called! lol
      It was a show where kids went through a ‘House’ smashing stuff up and looking for things. It looked great and I really wanted a go!
      I can’t help but expect trouble of there is silence!
      Thanks for the comment

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