Project 365: Week 3 roundup

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I’ve neglected my little blog this week. It seems to have been a busy week. The Mrs was poorly, I took BB to his new Gymnastics playgroup and even had a catchup with an old friend.

One thing I did keep up with was my Project 365. I’m still finding it fairly easy taking and choosing a picture every day. I am however trying to pick pictures I think people may like and not just pictures of the kids!

So here we go, my week in pictures. Week Three of my Project 365

Monday 12th January 2015: Winner Winner Cheesy Chicken Pasta Dinner.

Me and The Mrs are followers of Slimming World. I enjoy cooking and this is one of the dishes I made last week.

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  Tuesday 13th january 2015: Entertainment for all the family.
As part of recently getting a new broadband provider we got 6 months free access to this beauty. I love it, The Mrs Loves it and the kids really Love it!

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Wednesday 14th January 2015: Another excuse for wellies!
I don’t know what it is about wellies and I know that my boys aren’t the only ones but my kids would wear wellies EVERYDAY if I would let them!

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Thursday 15th January 2015: Birthday girl.

That lady in the picture below, thats my big sister. On this day she turned 40. I’d take the mickey but I know I’ll be there too one day!

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Friday 16th january 2015: Old friend catch up.
Sometimes it’s nice to catch up with an old friend for a few beers and this week that’s exactly what I did. Good times followed by a hangover ensued!

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  Saturday 17th January 2015: The best hangover cure Apologies but ANOTHER food picture (It’s what Instagram is for, right?) but When you hungover the only thing you want is a good un-healty meal and this did the trick!

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Sunday 18th January 2015: My son has got his hat on.
Thats not technically correct as the hat belonngs to BB but for some reason LB wantedt to weear it while watching TV.

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Week three is done and I am already looking to what pictures I might take next week.
As always this post will be linked up to the Prroject365 linky over at The Boy and Me. I suggest you head over and check out some more amazing collections of photos.

TheBoyandMe's 365 LinkyAs always, thanks for reading!


  1. Lovely photos from the week, Happy Belated Birthday to your sister… your food pics look lovely. You could do with sharing your favourite SW recipes on your blog?? I’m also doing SW too and starting to share my favourite meals.

    1. I have thought about posting some but they are all taken from Slimming world magazines and books and not sure Slimming World would be too appriciative of me giving them away! lol
      Glad you like the pics and good luck on SW!

  2. The Cheesy Chicken Pasta looks really tasty. I must admit I watch more things on Netflix than I do regular Sky tv, there is always something on there I must watch and tend to watch whole series of things in one go lol.

    1. We recently got rid of sky for Virgin. Sky was just too expensive and when we moved I got rid of movies…netflix will filll that hole. Shame its movies from 2012! lol

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. It is not just about what people would like buts its also about your memories.
    Nice when you can diet together, hubby is for none of it so I have to adapt for me within reason.
    Happy belated birthday to your big sis, honestly 40 does not hurt ( neither does 50)
    Ooh a smattering of snow, and yes my youngest son would have lived in wellies, and often did, even in bed!!
    Commenting on behalf of project 365 as well as myself

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