The one with strangers Part Deux

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Something amazing happened this week at DWB HQ. It was a day that for 135 minutes daddy was child free. Not child free because my kids were with family. Not child free because I was at work (If only). I was child free because both my kids were in the hands of strangers.

I have blogged about this a couple of times. I wrote about leaving them both with a child-minder and another post about leaving BB at a nursery. I suggest you give those a quick read and come back…I’ll wait…

Back? All caught up? Good.
Today I had to re-live the nursery one all over again, but ya know what I was cool with it. My little LB has officially begun his education. Just Like BB we have started him at a nursery for a few hours a week. It is the same nursery so admittedly they are not complete strangers…but they are!

When we left LB at a child minders it didn’t go well. he kicked up a fuss and tears were aplenty but this time he took the whole thing in his stride. I opened the door to the nursery, he took off his coat and swanned off to find something to play with.
This was going a little too smoothly!
Then the real test. “Bye” I shouted in his direction. I prepared myself for the “Wait what!?” look. For the tears to roll.
What I got instead was a look, a smile a wave and his usual chirpy “Bye!!”

On one hand I was relieved but on the other I still had those nerves and reservations about leaving my child with somebody I didn’t know.

I felt a little lost and didn’t know what to do with myself. Thats didn’t last long. I caught up on some cleaning watched a bit more Breaking Bad (yes I am 5 years behind everyone else!) and quicker than I could say crystal methamphetamine it was time to pick BB up from school. He loved the idea of us both going to collect LB from “ickle boy school” so off we went.

Again, I wasn’t sure how he would be when I collected him but as soon as he saw me and BB he had a smile on his face and a hug for his brother.
I did hear him getting told off while I waited outside. I was told he wouldn’t sit down nicely while they sang songs…..I wasn’t surprised when I heard that! lol

Before we know it, we will have 2 children in school…that’s a scary thought…I feel old!

Anyway…back to Breaking Bad! lol

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. I’m about to put my little boy into nursery and everyone is saying he will cry his eyes out when it comes to leaving him…he is so eager to go already that I actually doubt that lol. Probably can’t wait to be shot of me!

    1. About 6 months ago, we had to put our kids in a child minders for two days as our usual childcare was unavalable…..Tears everywhere! Not happy!
      This time, maybe its his age, maybe it’s the taster session he had, but this time nothing. Obviously very glad.

      I am sure your boy will grow to love it. Don’t make a big deal about it. We have always explained everything. They may not understand, but on the off chance they do they understand your coming back.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Awww I wish when I dropped Boo off at nursery I got smiles… And I wish when I picked her up I got smiles! I just get oh you can’t leave me tears and then oh I can’t believe you left me tears. I hope it gets easier. And I am glad your two are enjoying things so much 🙂

    1. When we took them to a childminder for a couple of days last year it wasn’t that easy….
      It’s hard leaving them when they are so upset but it has to be done sometimes!
      Thanks for the comment.

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