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Well it’s over. The decorations are packed away, the blog is back to it’s non-christmassy theme. It aint Christmas anymore!
All that build up, all those days stressing about what to get who. Blogs are full of posts about what happened in 2014 and people’s big plans for 2015.

I don’t really make resolutions. I think if you make resolutions the added pressure of making it actually makes it harder to stick to it. What you should do is motivate yourself to change. If there is something you want to do then set a path to complete it and step by step complete it. Don’t do it because you made some silly promise at the beginning of the year, do it because you know by doing it will make you a better you!

Last year I did a similar post bout what I wanted to achieve in 2014, read the post HERE, but basically it was the following;

Get even healthier – This didn’t happen! I am probably not any more UN-healthier, but if this was a school report I would definatley get a MUST TRY HARDER!
Run a 5k – Errr I don’t think I walked 5K…all year!
Attend Britmums LIVE – Woohoo something I achieved! and I loved it Read about it HERE and HERE.
BB starts nursery – He started in September and is loving it.
Start trying for baby number 3 – I was joking then and now I’m serious when I say NEVER! lol
Blog More – I think I achieved this. I plan on blogging EVEN more..SORRY!
Reach the Top 500 of the Tots 100 – achieved.  I’m not too hung up on rankings, but it’s always nice to be somewhere in there.

Anyway, enough of my waffling and down to my resolutions for 2015! (Only kidding)

I changed the name of this post. Originally it included the term ‘New Me’ but then I realised I didn’t want to change who I was. I am pretty happy about who I am. I am far from perfect but I think I am a pretty good person. I am far from perfect but I think I am a good husband and a good dad, so I don’t want a new me. I just want to be a better me.

For what seems like the 100th time I am back on the slimming world wagon. I lost 4 stone in 2013 and last year at least 2 stone has slowly crept back on. I don’t beat myself up about it, after all that wont shed the pounds. When I lost that weight I was really motivated and last year that motivation got less and less.

I don’t like my blog. I enjoy blogging and I still feel I get out of it what I intend but I don’t like my blog. I don’t like the way it looks, I don’t like a lot of things about it but it’s mine. I hope in 2015 my blog will grow. I see people who have only been blogging 2 years and they seem to be more succesful at blogging than me. I need to be a better blogger. I need to comment on other blogs more. I need to get involved in more linkys. I just need to be better!

I lost my job in October. I have found it extremely hard to deal with not working. In a previous post I spoke about the difficulties os becoming a SAHD overnight. Since october I have felt a great deal of pressure to find a job to the point of losing sleep. That of course isn’t ideal as I have kids (Who also like to stop me sleeping) to look after and I need to focus on the positives of being at home with my boys rather than the negatives of not working. I need to be a better dad.

I am sure there are many other things I can improve on. I daren’t ask The Mrs incase she gives me a list! 🙂

I hope Santa brought you everything you dreamed of and I hope what ever dreams you have for 2015 you work towards and achieve.

As always, thanks for reading


    1. The pleasure is all mine and thanks for everything you have done for me in 2014. As always whatever endevours you take in 2015 I will be there to support you all I can.

  1. Bouncing around the internet and found this. I live in Prestatyn (I’m assuming you’re in the general Geography by the picture at the top) I too intend to blog in some respects this year.
    This is great blog.

    1. We were actually on holiday at the time! Beautiful place…albeit a little bit cold! lol
      Bet you get sick of us tourists! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and feel free to bounce back!

  2. Aaaah. We took a massive punt and moved up here 4 years ago from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. We our house on the market on 1st September, sold it in two weeks, moved in on November 5th.
    We love the cold, prefer the lack of tourists and what made us fall in love with the place was that beach right there.

    1. We stayed at a caravan park nearby. Loved the beach, so did the boys. That lighthouse is awesome to look at close up.

  3. Something that may help you with one of your goals in the new year, if you are still interested, is to sign up for a 5k way in advance. I’ve found that this will at least force me to do the race even if I don’t train for it. Hope you have a good 2015!

    1. That’s a very romantic way of looking at it lol.
      I’m currently 20st and back on the wagon so hoping if I can shift some timber running will be easier. Although I have said that for a long time now! lol

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Good luck in meeting your goals. It is always hard to look around and see people doing better than you. I only found my scores started creeping up when I stopped caring about them and just got on doing my own thing. There is so much to learn, I always feel I am new even though I am not!

    1. Thanks for popping by and commenting.
      Aslong as you are getting whatever it is you aim to get out of you blog, then everything else is a bonus!
      I have recently started blogging about movies. Not sure ANYBODY reads it but I enjoy it, so I do it! I see people who have been blogging less than me and they are having much more success..hafd to not be a little envious! lol

      Thanks again

  5. what a super round up of both last years achievements and also what you would like to achive in the coming year.

    I am sorry I missed you at Britmums live this year, i was there too! .. are you attending this year?

    I lost 4.5 stone in 2013 and then gave up smoking in 2014 and put 3 stone back on! … i am with you on the weight loss mission this 2015

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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