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Picture the scene.
It’s a beautiful restaurant. There’s a man and a woman sitting at a table. They’re looking deep into each others eyes. The man holds and caresses the hand of the woman who he has clearly loved for some years. They exchange knowing smiles. Never saying a word to each other but somehow knowing what the other is thinking. Waiters and waitresses flutter around them. The smell of food fills the air. Then the silence is broken. Broken by six words of every parent who has been in the situation has said. Six words that you would never think would be uttered until you’re the one saying them.

“Wonder if the kids are alright”

You just can’t help yourself. No matter what the situation, if your away from your kids a parent has this nagging urge to know that they are OK.

Last week, the wife and I treated ourselves to a night away at a local spa. We got a special deal which included a night in a beautiful apartment that had everything you could have needed.
Facilities in the spa included:
Crystal Steam Room
Herbal Infusion Room
Aromatherapy Room
Sauna Cabin
Foot Baths
Private Mud Chamber
We even treated ourseles to a full body Decleor Aromassage, a massage using oils which left us both feeling VERY relaxed. So clearly you can see we had everything we needed to have a good time.

So after a day of relaxing and finally settling into our apartment what’s one of the first things we do? We text to see if the kids are OK.

They were being well looked after by my LOVELY sister-in-law (She might be reading this) and there was no reason to think that at any point they wouldn’t be taken care of after all she’s amazing (She’s still reading) but it seems independantly both myself and my wife had separately texted her to check in on the kids.

Is this just something we do or is it something all parents do?
Have you found yourself out for the day or the night without the kids and still felt the need to check the kids are OK even though you know they are?
Is it just parental instinct that you need to know what your children are doing and that they are OK?
Or are we just weird? In all honesty that is a very possible reality! 🙂 I Just can’t help myself!

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Every time my partner and I are out and away from our daughter we will be constantly thinking about checking she is OK. It does sometimes spoil your enjoyment doesn’t it, as you are never quite fully relaxed.

  2. The last time that husband and I went out by ourselves was to see Social Network. Years and years ago. Since our son is a baby then we often check out if he is okay. My mother-in-law said he is sleeping. When we got back after the movie my son’s eye is swollen from crying and needless to say Social network is still the last movie that we saw. No us date afters cuz its just too worrying to leave our kid!


  3. When they were younger – yes, we’d check once or twice a night. Now they’re older, we’re more relaxed. We know the people who’d be looking aftr the kids very well and trust them implicitly. If there was a problem, they’d let us know. That doesn’t we mean I don’t think about them though!

    1. I would definatley reccomend the Titanic Spa. As with all things like this it wasn’t cheap (for us anyway) but it was a very nice day and I look forward to doing it again in May for our wedding anniversary!

      Thanks for the comment.

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