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I have always been a Gillette man. After all it’s “The Best a Man Can Get!”.

I know what your thinking. How can somebody with such an amazing looking chin scarf have an opinion on razors? Well it may shock you to hear but I wasn’t born with a beard and I didn’t have one in school either! I’m not actually sure at what age I started shaving but I can remember, other than the odd disposable taken on holidays I have always used Gillette.

I have owned loads of razors and still have a Gillette Mach3 and Gillette Sensor Excel. Razors usually last me a while as I now only shave my cheeks and my neck and most of these have been pretty basic shavers. Not a great deal of flexibility and you had to reposition of the razor to suit the contours of your face. Well Gillette have found an answer for that and it’s the New Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology.

I genuinely liked the shave. It was strange feeling the razor moving as I moved but I imagine you would get used to that quickly and because I wasn’t using it for my whole face I couldn’t let the razor flow down my face it which stuttered the movement I did.
I will retiring my old razors for sure and using this one for the time being!

Here comes the science bit…

The Fusion ProGlide Manual razor with New FlexBall Technology makes maximum contact* over contours and gets virtually every hair. Featuring long-lasting performance—1 refill equals up to 1 month of shaves**—our best blades are now 2X preferred when used with FlexBall Technology (overall preference vs. former ProGlide, among ProGlide users). Features include 5 thinner, finer blades† for less tug and pull*, along with a precision trimmer on back for accurate edging. All Fusion razor blades fit all Fusion handles. It’s Gillette’s #1 razor on sensitive skin.

Would I recommend this razor. Yes
Will I continue to use this razor? Yes
Will I shave my beard off so I can test it further? NO CHANCE!!!!

Want to know more? head on over to the Gillette website.

As always, thanks for reading.

This razor was sent to me for the purpose of this review however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. We love the flexball. Completely with regarding the flexibility issues of most razors. Gillette undoubtedly still the best a man can get!

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