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Well it looks like Marvel has done it again!

The big difference between how Marvel and DC have created their characters is that Marvel have created each one in a ‘Real Life’ world. A world which people recognise.
Batman is my favourite super hero for many reasons (Another post maybe), but he lives in a city called Gotham. Gotham only exists in the DCU (DC universe). Superman is one of the most popular comic book characters, but he live in Metropolis…which only exists in the DCU.

Marvel? They have Spiderman and many others (New york), X-men (San Francisco mostly), Iron Man (Los Angeles) so in some way the locations are familiar and yes I realise they have Thor from Asgard and other ‘Other realms’ but when this characters come to earth, they come to places we know. (For all we know Asghard COULD exists!!!!)

This familiarity has helped give the Marvel movies some credibility and realism. Of course I’m not saying it’s possible that any of these characters can exist but when seeing them in a place that exists it seems more ‘Real’….or maybe I just need to get out more.

Anyway, the latest Marvel character to hit the big screen is ANT-MAN.

ANT-MAN is a story about a superhero who has the ability to decrease in size and increase in strength. A few things I like about this movie is it’s been planned for some time so I can only assume a lot of thought went into it and Paul Rudd. Big fan of Mr Rudd and it’s gonna be cool to see him in a semi-serious role.

Enough of me rambling (The Mrs can attest that I can waffle on about this for hours) here is the latest trailer for ANT-MAN.

What do you think? Is this character a little too crazy to make into a movie? Are you sick of comic book movies?
Let me know in the comics below!

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  1. Yeah, I get this. Have you read Runaways? It’s set in LA and the kids in it feel like they are left out ‘cos all the good superheroes are on the east coast. I’m a marvel man all the way, but have a soft spot for ol’ Batman.

    1. Never heard of runaways, might see if I can find it and have a read!
      I love how Marvel have managed to place most of the characters in the same universe and I see DC are doing that a little bit. On TV Flash and Arrow live within 300 miles of each other for example and of course don’t even get me started on how excited I am about batman Vs Superman!!

      Hope you liked the post and thanks for the comment!

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