My wife, the sporting widow.

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Christmas is here! I’m typing this on Christmas Eve and everyone’s excited!!
The kids are excited about placing reindeer food out, Santa coming, leaving presents.
Me and The Mrs are excited too! Seeing the kids excited, seeing if Santa has brought us anything, all the food, all the drink and of course all the sport!!! OK so it’s only me that’s looking forward to the sport!

Growing up I have always followed football and Boxing day is a football bonanza! I’m not sure why such a big deal was always placed on the boxing day fixtures? Maybe it was because we should sympathise with the players that they can’t be at home eating left over turkey like the rest of us? Maybe it’s because it’s the last game of the year? Who knows?

So when all the presents have been unwrapped, all the food has been eaten (Well most of it), some of the beer has been drunk and if the kids allow me , I’m going to sit done and watch some good old boxing day football.

Unfortunately I’m a Leeds United fan so my team isn’t included in the any of the football games on TV this boxing day but hopefully I will be able to get my fill of sport this festive period.

Football on boxing day..
The mighty Leeds playing on 30th Dec..
UFC 182 on the 3rd Jan.. (real excited about this one!)

So what does my wife get out of all this sport on TV? Well I’m sure she enjoys the peace and quiet from me but thanks to Betfair she will be able to enjoy some real peace and quiet.
They were kind enough to send us this awesome Pamper Pack full of lovely choccys, bath goodies and creams galore.


So now when I want to catchup on the results I can encourage her to take a load of those beautiful feet of hers and have a nice long soak in the bath… whos getting some peace and quiet! 🙂

Thanks again Betfair!

As always, thanks for reading.

This pamper pack was sent to us in exchange for this post.


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