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I’ve always been a fan of the Terminator franchise. I’d even go as far to say I enjoyed Terminator: Salvation and that’s saying something! So when I heard they were making what essentially what was going to be T5 I was sceptical but after seeing the new trailer (Check it out below) I am quietly confident they are heading in the right direction.

This isnt a reboot. This isn’t a sequel. This is natural progression. In Terminator Genisys the story intertwines with Terminator and T2. Before I go any further, check out the trailer for yourself.

You see some great shots going back to the original films and for the first time we see how the guys are sent back.

Cast includes:

emilia clarkeEmilia Clarke as Sarah Connor.
Better known for her role in Game Of Thrones as the Daenerys Targaryen the mother of Dragons.

jai courtneyJai Courtney as Kyle Reese.
After many films and TV shows his face became known as John McClane son in possibly the last Die  Hard movie A Good Day to Die Hard .

Jason ClarkeJason Clarke as John  Connor.
Jason Clarke made his name on TV but most recently is making a name for himself as a leading man in the some of hollywood’s biggest movies such as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and now John Connor

ArnieArnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator
The man who needs no introduction and I am confident to say without whom there would be no Terminator franchise.

The rumours are that this incarnation will show pivotal scenes from the first two movies as if they are happening in a different timeline so we might see the terminator telling some punk “I want your boots, your clothes and your motorcycle”. (I hope you read that line in your best Arnie impression) but from somebody elses point of view.

Unfortunately I have to wait a few more months to find out if I am right and this is going to be the rebirth of the franchise that ‘Salvation’ should have been.

3 July 2015 is judgment day.

Are you excited to see Terminator back? Should they let Skynet win and never make another?
Let me know what you think in the comments below

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    1. I’m still not 100% on the old Arnold but at least the have an explanation for it. This is supposed to kick off a new trilogy so hope its good!

      Did you ever watch the TV show?

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