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I don’t really have a lot of traditions but it’s hard to get past the Christmas period without having some and Christmas traditions are some of the best to have!

As the boys get older we want to try to instill some traditions. With BB really starting to understand the whole ‘Santa is coming and going to leave him presents’ we wanted to create something that created a build up to the big day.

We started with a Christmas box.
The box contained some Christmas jumpers and socks. Some little decorations, some Christmas PJ’s and some seasonal stories.

LB looking in his Christmas Box

Even the dog joined in with some Christmas clobber!


The kids loved opening the box and exploring what was inside. Then when all is said and done these things will go back in the box until next year. Although I’m pretty sure nothing will fit them then so we may have to out some different PJ’s! 🙂


We decorated the house together.
For the past 3 years we have decorated the house while the kids were sleeping. This year we did the decorating together and the boys loved it. We stuck some Christmas music on (Michael Buble’s top 20 Christmas songs to be exact) and danced, sung and played while we made the house a little more festive.


Everyday is an advent day.
We have not one, not two but THREE advent calendars this year. We have two typical ones that we bought from the shops but then we have a special advent calendar that we use every year (Another tradition I suppose). it was given to us by my sister-in-law and its a great. We just place chocolates in each draw, one for each boy of course and try to get the kids to find the correct number!

Meeting Santa.
We started this last year but then it consisted of both kids looking st Santa very strangely. This year they were both very excited. We go visit Santa when he is visiting our local market. He’s a great Santa, looks the part, sounds the part and is great talking to the kids. I see some Santa’s and they just wouldn’t cut it! lol


Family time.
Another tradition we have had even before kids entered our lives is spending Christmas with family. For who knows how long our Christmas days have started with going to my in-laws, having a Bacon sandwich (One of their family Christmas traditions). I then go to the crematorium to pay my respects (Or as I like to think of it…go see my parents) then back to the in-laws, to open presses, eat stupid amounts of food, fall asleep in the afternoon and then eat some more!
After Christmas day is spent with The wife’s family, Boxing day is for my side of the family. Nothing crazy. More presents, bit more food, bit more drink and probably another afternoon nap!

I have always been a bit of a bah humbug kinda person. Christmas has never been the happiest time of year for me growing up but as I get older and even more so since having children I am slowly getting into the spirit of Christmas….still don’t own a Christmas Jumper though!

What are your Christmas Traditions?

Whats the stranger tradition you have heard of at Christmas time?

Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. A couple that we have are:-
    Buying the Christmas Radio Times (the only time we do), circling everything we want to watch. I now have to but one for us, and the in-laws as they have got in on the act.
    Mince pie eating contest to see what the best ones are.
    Drinking white port while putting up the decs (and more mince pies).
    This year we are getting the little one to grow carrots for the reindeers from orange tic-tacs on Christmas eve, might turn into a tradition.

  2. The idea of a Christmas box is awesome. What a great way to usher in the Christmas spirit. Plus you get to test drive opening a present with younger kids.

    We spend a lot of time with family, but only those who live under our roof on Christmas Day. It’s a boundary thing that preserves some sanity and keeps the holiday mayhem at bay.

    Everyone also gets new Pj’s. 🙂

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