Another Birthday Poem

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It seems like only yesterday when we first got to meet you.
It’s hard to believe you’re already two.
Explaining to your brother “There’s a baby in there”,
To holding you in my arms with that loveable stare.

With two years gone we can’t imagine life without you,
A little bother to BB and I know that he loves you.
You may scream, cry, push, shove, shout and fight
but as you grow as brothers your bond will be tight.

From your first step to now you’ve become a little boy
No matter whats its made of there is no toy,
That can withstand your destruction when tearing it up,
So I wonder what you’ll be when you grow up.

With your fluffy blonde hair that will soon turn brown,
that dissaproving stare you still look cute with a frown.
So happy birthday my boy in a blink you’ll be three
and before I know it you’ll be taller than me.

Thats the end of this poem as I have run out of words,
To describe how I love you without sounding absurd,
So I’ll say it again Happy Birthday LB,
Nobody loves you more than your mummy and me.

As always, thanks for reading.

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