DWB..Live from the hospital…AGAIN!

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Well here we are again.
I’ve held off doing another post because quite honestly other than being back in hospital my old posts detailed what was happening. After all we were simply doing it all again.

For those not in the know or the lazy amongst you, 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday, BB was admitted to hospital with suspected fluid in his knee. This was most likely caused by having chicken pox. (Yep you read that right).
Anyway.. He had small keyhole surgery to wash out his knee and was discharged on the Sunday and told to have a check up the following Thursday.
When we attended that check up the doctor agreed with us that it wasn’t any better and BB was admitted again for a repeat of the same surgery.

Again it seemed in vain and they were still unable to pinpoint the infection that was still troubling him.

Yesterday he was given an MRI. This FINALLY showed an infection!!
It seems there were little pockets (Doctor compared it to bubble wrap) of infection at the top of his knee. Due to the pockets the washout wouldn’t have been able to clean it. So while asleep for the MRI the doctors performed another surgery. This time ‘Popping’ the pockets and having another clean.

They may need to repeat the procedure to ensure the knee is nice and clean but it seems a corner may have been turned.
A level they were checking in his blood went from 170 down to 75 after the op. It needs to be <10. We might not be going home anytime soon but I think we are in the right road to recovery. Once again, thank you for your wishes and I'll keep you informed if any changes! As always, thanks for reading. L


    1. Thanks. Im nicely reminded how lucky we are still. Just been hearing about a baby whos been in hospital for 8 weeks.

  1. I was defo behind! Last I knew about him was the chicken pox, I didn’t realise all this had been happening! So sorry you’ve all been going through this. I’m working my way through it to see how he is now but I hope he’s ok. X

    1. Ha its a good job I like you! lol
      I know how hard it is to keep up and you’ve got your own shizzle but I do appreciate you ppaying my corner of the web a visit!

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