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Here at DWB HQ we love Halloween.

Before we entered the world of parenting we celebrated Halloween more than Christmas! Instead of the walls being adjourned with Tinsel and Pictures of fat jolly bearded men (Except pics of me of course). We put much more effort into skeletons, pumpkins and Ghouls!

So when challenged by HP to make this Halloween the “Spookiest and Most entertaining of them all” we couldn’t resist!

To help us with this challenge HP sent us some scarily awesome goodies. They sent us some sweeties for all the trick or treaters, a pumpkin carving kit and best of all they sent us a brand new HP Pavilion x360 laptop and an HP ENVY 5640 printer.
I wont get too techy here but head over to HP by clicking the pics below and take a look!
All together it is a very decent piece of kit! Add top that the versatility of going from Laptop to Tablet it makes it an awesome piece of kit.

The original plan was to have a little party but unfortunately with BB spending Halloween in hospital we had to make some adjustments!

The first challenge was to create some home-made templates for our pumpkins using the ‘Fresh Paint’ App. BB and LB are a little small to be drawing faces so we had a play with the app instead and loved it! You can take a picture with the HP Pavilion x360 and then ‘enhance’ the picture…take a look at what we did…



Next was to create some devilishly good decorations!
We found loads of print ready decorations as part of the Snapfish printables range and with the HP ENVY 5640 printer you can print wirelessly! so if you’re as lazy as I am you can surf the net in the comfort of your living room and print to the printer in another room. One advantage of this is that you can leave the printer in one location rather than bringing it out and hooking it up every time you want to print a 1 page letter!

Created using Snapfish Printables


Created using Snapfish Printables




The great thing about the HP Pavilion x360 is that it isn’t just like every other laptop…this one fold into a tablet!
The first app we discovered when me and the boys were exploring was a Halloween soundboard! Did I mention the HP Pavilion x360 is touchscreen?….I have now!
As most toddlers do, the boys loved hearing the loud noises and I think a few of them even gave them a bit of a fright! By using Tent Mode’ you are able to stand it up and use thee touch screen much easier.

The HP Pavilion x360 and the HP ENVY 5640 printer. are two great pieces of kit and work great together. I already own a HP Pavillion laptop so I know they are great to use but the x360 is smaller than mine and this makes it much easier to use as both a laptop and when folded into tablet.

unfortunately with going back and forth and staying in hospital we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to do this Halloween, but we still had a little party. The Mrs packed up a picnic and brought it to the hospital. If you can’t take BB to Halloween, you take Halloween to BB!

As always thanks for reading and thanks to HP for supplying the hardware for this post.










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