You got me…and my cake.

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We all give our kids little pieces of advice. One I know every parent has to do at some point, is telling their child to share. Regardless if you have no siblings or 4, you have to learn to share!

Of course I’m not referring to the seemingly well-preserved, always spotlight shy songstress of the 80s im talking about being unselfish..

Waiting for a bus…probably.

Well recently, this little piece of advice came back to haunt me.

Picture the scene.
The whole family is on holiday, the sun is shining and the boys are thirsty.
BB is gulping down a cold refreshing drink and I ask him if LB can have a drink.
BB refuses. Insisting the drink is his and not his baby brothers.
I of course explain politely that sometimes you have to share.
After some convincing he kindly hands over the tasty beverage and LB takes a big drink and passes it back to BB.
I praise BB for his sharing and we carry on with our day.

Cakey Cakey Cake

Some hours later we are back in our ‘Luxury Steel Apartment’ AKA our caravan and this is where my earlier advice bites me in the proverbial parenting posterior!
As I’m trying to sneak a little bit of mummies belated birthday cake which we took with us, I’m spotted by BB.
He swiftly makes his way across the vast space we called a living room (At least 4 steps) and proceeded to very politely ask for a little bit of daddies cake.
I explain of course that he has had enough sweets for today…..and this is daddies cake.

As soon as I said those words, I see his eyes widen. I could almost hear the cogs of his brain turning and then I heard those wise words that only a few hours before I had shared with him.

“But daddy should share”


Unfortunately I couldn’t argue with his..with MY logic. He then proceeded to eat half of the cake and im sure I could see a cheeky smirk on his face. He had me bang to rights and he knew it.

These kids grow up so fast. He’s 3 years old and he’s already too smart for his own good!

I’m going to have to be careful from now on…..and next time make sure he doesn’t spot me with cake!

What piece of advice have you ever given your kids and then lived to regret it?

As always, thanks for reading.


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