The dreaded Chicken Pox

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Well after a few little false alarms that just turned out to be normal viruses it’s official! Chicken Pox has made itself a home at DWB HQ.

At least twice before we’ve thought BB may have had Pox but when taking him to the doctors he assured us it wasn’t.
On Thursday night I noticed what looked like a wart appearing on his nose and when we were washing his hands and face before bed I noticed something similar on the back of his head.
Well on Friday it became clear it wasn’t a wart…it was the Pox!

After a quick visit to the doctors to confirm, we spent the next few hours cooped up in the house. Plans of play gyms or visits to family were thrown out the window!

Today when checking him, the spots have got worse. They are more visible all over his body.


In himself he’s fine other than his appetite which has clearly diminished after he turned down a ham sandwich! (His favourite lunch).
Other than the fact he looks like a walking, talking dot-to-dot you wouldn’t know he was Ill.

On the other hand The Mrs and I haven’t stopped itching for two days! Reminds me of the episode of Friends where Charlie Sheens character and Phoebe both get Pox and spend the episode trying not to scratch!

It was inevitable he would get it at some point and in some way we hope LB catches it now, that way it’s done and out-of-the-way.

I did suggest holding one of those chicken pox parties we discussed on the podcast once where people bring their kids so they can catch it but The Mrs didn’t approve! Lol

Now. How can we entertain two toddlers for a few days without leaving the house?
Any suggestions welcome!

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. A rite of passage both kids will need to go through I’m afraid.

    As for suggestions, you’ll think I’m batshit crazy but this did wonders for ourv youngest:
    * Get an old sock (you’ll be throwing it out afterwards)
    * Fill it full of outmeal or porridge oats
    * Fill a bath with water. As doing so, hold the open end of the sock over the end of the tap so the water is forced through the oats.
    * The water in the bath should be very cloudy.
    * Place child in bath to bathe.
    * Through out sock.

    It helps with the irritation and drys out the spots.

    1. You’re right…I do think you’re batshit crazy but that has nothing to do with this suggestion.
      I have actually heard this before! Might try it when LB gets the pox!
      Thanks for the comment.

    1. Well we havent protected LB fom in the basis if he gets it how its done for bith of them. Undortunalty it takea a while to show…
      Thanks for the comment

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