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Woohoo! We are home!

After more days in hospital with my child than I ever want to do again we are happy to be home.

It all happened very fast.

Originally we were told that he would be moved from IV antibiotics to oral. We would then be kept in overnight to ensure the oral medication didn’t have any adverse effects and then we could go home.

What happened was they got the blood tests results back and the notes said he could go straight home!

Within a couple of hours he had his cast removed (Which was ensuring he leg remained straight), his cannula removed (Basically the tube in his arm where the push the meds through) and we were ready to go!

LB was VERY happy to see his big brother and BB was VERY happy to see his grandad!..oh and he was chuffed to see LB and the doggy too!

Hopefully this is the road to recovery. We have a check up on Thursday. BB is still hobbling and complains his leg hurts when you try to bend it, so will see what the doctor says then.

I’m also concerned he may be playing it up a little bit for sympathy so any advice on delaying with that would be great. Add to that the concern he’s NOT playing it up and I don’t want to hurt him even more by pushing him to walk a lot ect! This parenting lark is hard!

Once again thank you to you all for your messages. I’ve told Ben that a lot of complete strangers on the internet hope he gets better soon. unsurprisingly he looked at me confused but I am sure when he is older, understands what strangers, messages, internet and this blog is, he will be as grateful as I am.

Thanks again.
As always, thanks for reading.

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