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Well here we are again. If you were paying attention on one of my last posts I mentioned we’d had a little stay in hospital. Well, right now it’s 21:45 and I’m typing this on my phone once again at my sons hospital bedside.

After more X-rays (Had those last week), blood tests (Had those last week too!) and an ultrasound it’s confirm that BB had fluid in his knee.

I can’t get passed the thought that this normally happens to athletes. I watch a lot of UFC and I’m always hearing about people having their knees operated on…not a 3 year old!

In an old posts I talked about the fear if handing my son over to strangers when we first sent him to a childminder and here I am now at 21:47 about to hand him over to another stranger. This stranger isn’t going to paint and play with my son, no no, this stranger is going to cut him and cause him pain…all of course for the greater good…we hope.

How do I feel about that? Quite frankly I’m shitting myself. (Sorry if the language offends but it’s the best way to express accurately how much I’m well…shitting myself). I know it’s for the best but that doesn’t stop
Me feeling uneasy when I signed the consent form.

Every time I hear a creaking wheel or the alarm beeping to tell the whole world the door is open that this is it, the moment I’ve been dreading since the word surgery was mentioned.

Its now 21:52 ad I’ve spent more time correcting my words (Fat fingers and a small phone sized keyboard will cause the mistakes) thank I have actually typing these words.

Hopefully they will come soon and get this over with. The anticipation is driving me nuts. My sons a sleep and all I can do is sit and stare at his beautiful face and hope all goes to plan an I’m sure it will.

I’m sure he will wake up tomorrow, wonder what the hell happened and why his leg hurts even more, but then hopefully it’s over. No more pain, no more visits to the hospital cos quite frankly I need all the beauty sleep I can get an that just won’t happen in this place!

As always, thanks do reading.

As I was about to go publish they came…it’s 21:59…wish us luck!


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