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I am very proud of my family background.

My father was English and my mother was Welsh. This led to split loyalties when it came to football or rugby and it also meant long drives for our holidays.

Once a year, every year, we would get in the car and make the 7 HOUR drive from West Yorkshire all the way to family who live in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire in Wales.

When people ask me to describe where Pembrokeshire is, I normally get them to imagine the shape of Wales and imagine the bit that sticks out into the Irish sea…..there!

7 hours is a loooooooong drive. I can remember playing games where we had to spot certain colour cars on the road or look at licence plates and try to make your way through the alphabet. My mother and I once caught the coach and it took 12 hours! Unsurprisingly, we only did that once!

According to a campaign by award-winning British holiday company Parkdean holidays which looks at tips and advice for travelling with children, reading is still a firm favourite pastime for long journeys.

In a survey of over 1,400 parents, 532 people still favoured the trusty old book as their source of entertainment. Personally I could never read while travelling, that’s why looking out of the window was always the best option for me. We are one of the 64% that use gadgets such as I-Pads to help keep the little ones entertained. They are still a little too young for games!

The survey also found that parents are likely to hear those dreaded words “Are we nearly there yet?” within an hour of the journey! Luckily BB and LB are a little too young for that but we do get the odd moan and groan.

They also created this fun little video showing all the brilliant tips and insights they discovered.

Do you have any hints and tips to keep the little ones entertained on long journeys?

As always, thanks for reading.


**This post was written in association with Parkdean Holidays**

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