My (No) Ice Bucket Challenge

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Yes I’m weak.

Yes I’m a sheep

Yes, if my friends jumped off a bridge I would probably do it…but they didnt, they threw a bucket of water over themselves to raise awareness of some charities.

After resisiting the inevitable and after being nominated by 3 people whom I used to call friends I took part in the ice Bucket challenge.

I was nominated by a colleague, my best friend M (Who is with me in the video) and my fellow LoveAlldads podcaster Tom (Cheeky Sausage) Briggs.

As we were on M’s stag doo the weekend after being nominated I figured it would be a good time to fulfill by challenge and involve the stag….little did I know that after a little accident involving a bucket, he may now be marked for his wedding day…all in good fun then! lol

So here you go…my (No) Ice Bucket Challenge.

Apologies for the low sound, but youd only hear my dodgy yorkshire accent.

I know what your all thinking and dont worry…….

No Buckets were harmed in the making of this video.

Now go away and donate to charity that means something to you!!

As always, thanks for reading.


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