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Can I really be a SAHD?
I just wish we could afford it!

Earlier this year I took a risk. That risk was a small one but it’s a risk that hasn’t paid off.
I left a semi-safe job (they were back and forth regarding redundancy) to take a job outside of my comfort zone.
Outside my comfort zone but I jumped with both feet at an opportunity.
The opportunity was sold to me as a 6 month contract with a view to make permanent.

Unfortunately down to workload (I am told), there isn’t the work to keep me, therefore soon, for the first time in my life, I will be jobless.

And I am scared! Scared because I am worried about money (mentioned a gazillion times on this blog) and scared because I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t mean in a X-Men know what coming round every corner sense, I just mean with a permanent job you know your bills are going to get paid…from next month I don’t.

Looking for job is HARD. On one hand, there are jobs out there I am qualified to do, but when you apply you don’t even get a ‘No Thanks’.

Without trying to sound condescending, I don’t want to just do ANY job. I don’t want to work in a shop. I don’t want to clean offices. These jobs aren’t beneath me at all, I have just worked hard to learn the skills I have learnt and although right now they appear to be worth bugger all, I feel some jobs would be pressing the Reset button and I don’t want to do that…..but a job is a job.

I have often been asked if you can make money from blogging and I know it’s possible as I have spoken to people that have..I’m just not sure I can. My reach isn’t massive but I suppose if I put more effort in that would grow. That’s a big risk and the last risk I took didn’t work out!

But soon becoming a SAHD may become a reality whether I like it or not. I actually like the idea of being at home with the boys all day, it’s purely a financial reason for needing to work.

Are you a SAHD? How do manage for money? Tell me it’s gonna be OK!

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Sorry to hear you are about to lose your job, but could this be the push you need to make blogging and social media your job?
    What I mean by that is could you work on your reach, and networking whilst still looking for employment and see how it works out for you?
    Hope it all comes good soon

    1. Cheers. I need to work on it anyway so now I have no excuse!
      My problem is I don’t want to blog or the sake of blogging! I see blogs full of meaningless posts just put out there so they post regularly!
      Although that seems the way to go sometimes!

  2. I left my job in March to move to a new area to be with my partner and his son. I had many interviews before I left, with the problem mostly being that I would need to give notice on my current job and unable to start right away. So I took the risk and moved to be more available.

    Now, 6 months later, I’m still unemployed! It is ridiculously hard to find work. Like you mentioned, I have even applied to be a cleaner, work in shops etc but they all want retail experience. I have been rejected by all the big chains.

    I make a little bit of money from another blog I have with advertisements/affiliates which helps keep afloat a little.

    I hope you have more luck in finding a job than I have, at least you will have your kids to keep you happy 🙂 even if it means you’re eating beans on toast for a week!


    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I would live to be able to make enough money from the blog to help stay afloat but I’m joy sure I could.
      Not even sure how advertising works and if it would be worth the downsides IE slow site, ugly adverts ect ect.

      Hopefully something will come up!

      Thanks again.

  3. Hi Lewis. Is your other half earning at all? We chose to make me a SAHD as we’d done the sums based on my wife’s income and the numbers stacked up. Money would be tighter but the plan is that quality of life would improve, stress would reduce and although it’s early days that’s how it’s working out for us.

    I can imagine unplanned redundancy is tough though. Some people seem to find opportunities through networks – people they know, friends of friends and definitely get all over the main job sites and linked in if not there already.

    All the very best with it. Keep us posted with how things go


    1. Thanks for the comment.
      We can in theory survive on my wife’s wage but it would only be surviving.
      We don’t currently pay for childcare as my MIL looks after the kids when we are both at work so no savings there!

      Right now we don’t have a choice. Hopefully I will make a little bit from my blog and that will be enough to buy any clothes/treats ect.

      If only I could sell my body to science! Lol

  4. Popping over from #mblogchat. Sorry to hear your lost your job, it’s a tough market out there. In sort of similar circumstances my husband ended up as a sahd too, he loves it (probably more than working) but financially it is tough. Achievable, but there is not too much of disposable income so we have to budget carefully. It does make it easier in a way though, one parent staying home. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it work!

    1. I have always toyed with the idea of becoming a SAHD but like I say in my post the financials of it make it hard for either one of us to remain at home.
      Why does life have to be so hard! lol

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Lewis – I know we spoke about this the other day, but very best of luck whatever happens. I won’t pretend the finances are easy, but if your OH has the potential to earn more, then being a SAHD might be the best option. For quite a long time I worked part time while also looking after the kids. It was tough and the house was a constant tip, but financially it was easier.

  6. My husband is a SAHD and as been since we had DD 14 years ago. I work full time and have a reasonable income. The SAHD bit is easy…after all, even women can do it 😉 it’s the mindset that it’s hard that you need to get over. Money is of course a different thing. I would suggest trying the blogging, and maybe get a part time job or do some consultancy work from home? Good Luck!!

    1. Hi. I just realised I didnt reply..apologies and thanks for the comment.

      I honestly like the idea of being a SAHD Im just scared from a financial point of view, we wont be able to manage. I would love to make money from this blog but I am not sure I have the skills/following/views/exposure ect ect.

      I’m sure all things will work out…hopefully for the better!

      1. Hi Lewis. I love being a SAHD (2 months in) but before taking the plunge I’d definitely recommend sitting down with your bank statements and doing a detailed estimate of monthly incomings and outgoings. I made the change to SAHD to improve our quality of life and we knew we’d have less money coming in despite giving up nursery fees and commuting costs. We had to be sure that we wouldn’t be haemorraging money every month and worked out that we could get by on my wife returning to full time work with a promotion.
        I suppose what I’m saying is that you should be able to make an informed choice with a reasonable idea of what your financial situation will be. Then you’ll know if you can make ends meet earning nothing or if you would need to have some earnings, what that would be and how realistic it’d be for your blog.
        You don’t need to be a financial expert, just a bit of time to set it out on spreadsheet or budgeting software. Dan

        1. We’ve already looked at that and we can JUST about live on me not earning anything. Earning nothing means however we cant put any savings away, we have to avoid spending things on doing stuff with the kids. Anything I can earn is pocket money basically.
          Any part time work has to be worked around child care which is currently 3 days a week.

          Hows the whole SAHD thing going?

          1. It’s a whole new world but so far it’s working well for us. The toddler is no longer shuttled around the countryside to nursery daily and she’s clearly happier and better rested. My wife loves her job so is focusing on that I’m getting far more satisfaction than I ever did with my old job which used to involve 3 hours of commuting a day. We’re new to the area so I’m still to find friends to arrange play dates with and so on but so far the toddler groups have been friendly. Money will be tighter; we’re probably not going to be saving much for a while, but the quality of life boost should more than make up for it. Over time I’ll be looking to work up some freelancing on the side (I have a digital and website background) and I’ll also see what comes from developing the blog, although it’s still very new.
            Dan (@shiredad)

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