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I’ve just found this old post in my drafts as it was originally featured on

Although certain things have changed, this is still sometimes the case.

My original post…

Let me start off by telling you about how awesome my father in law is.

G (as he will be known from this point forth) is a great father in law. He welcomed me into the family and has treated me as a son he never had, but always wanted. It’s a long-standing joke that I am the favourite kid!
From taking us on holiday, to helping us move to a better home in a better place. That being said we don’t agree on everything, but lets face it, would be a boring world if we did.

One thing we don’t agree on is how to deal with BB. When he is looked after by grandma and granddad (which we are truly grateful for) he lets BB do things, or get away with things that I don’t agree with.

For example, had an issue with him giving tea to BB from his own cup. I believed that it taught BB that it was safe to drink from a grown ups cup and it could lead to him getting burnt. G disagreed and continued to do it, much to my frustration. After moaning at him and “Telling him off” he now no longer does it. (Well not that I know of!)
We are we both are happy for BB to fall asleep on our knee, he has BB stay sleeping on his knee, where we encourage him to sleep in his cot.

Both of our opinions and ways of looking after BB are right, but I feel as his parent, I should have more say over how BB is looked after. If I ask G to not give him tea from a mug and instead put it in BBs sippy cup, then he should do so, not continue to do it from a mug!

Did you ever have a similar problem?
How did you approach the subject without causing offence?
What was the outcome?

What’s important is BB has the best people around him that care for him and give him everything he needs. Do I have a point or just need to get on with it and deal with the consequences if and when they happen.

Have you or do you have these problems? Although now BB has grown a little, these things aren’t such an issue anymore but we sometimes still disagree!

Tell me your story.

As always, thanks for reading.

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