Another first – BB Starts (Pre) School

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It’s become a yearly event now.

The 6 week holidays are over, kids are getting ready to go back to school and parents around the country are taking a picture of their little boy or girl in their school uniform for the first time….at least the first time that term!

Why do these pictures normally happen in front of the living room fireplace?

Well, I never said I was original and today my little baby boy will be spending his first morning at nursery.

I know it’s a cliché but I genuinely can’t believe how fast he has grown. It only feels like yesterday that I was crying my eyes out and nearly chopping the midwifes fingers off while I tried to cut the cord through the tears of joy.

He turned three back in July and it was a little jolt of shock that we had reached that age already, but this, this is a kick to the crotch. My little baby boy. At school (OK its nursery but still…it’s in a school!!)

So here it is. I am only going to get to take this picture of BB once and that’s today.

My little man on his first day, in his school uniform. (with obligatory fireplace)


I know he won’t remember his first day at school, but I will. This moment will only happen once in his life.

Not forgetting of course we will be doing it all again when LB goes to school!

Although I’m not sure who is looking forward to that the most, mum and dad or Grandma as she will only have LB to deal with on a morning now! Lol

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