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“How did Bob Marley like his doughnuts?………..With Jamin! Jam in! Get it? πŸ™‚

Loved his doughnuts

As you may have read on this blog I have issues. Some of them weird. Some of them I’m told are perfectly normal (not many).

One of the weird ones is the fact that I have issues calling people by their shortened names. For example, I always call somebody Stephen, not Steve. Matthew not Matt and of course Benjamin not Ben. This is where my problem lies!
Especially when I need to tell him off for something, then I definitely can not resist using what some would call his Sunday Name.

Not me

I think it all stems from hating the fact everyone shortens my name to Lou. My names not Lou. It’s Lewis. Not Lew. Not Loui. L.E.W.I.S.!!

It also may stem from the fact people call my wife Chris. THAT’S NOT HER NAME!!! I can just about handle ‘Chrissie’ but not Chris!

Everybody else calls Benjamin ‘Ben’, so understandably, he doesn’t always respond to me. I can’t really be surprised when everyone else uses the shortened version of his name. The problem is, I keep forgetting!

I feel bad because every time we sing the goodbye song at dads club they say ‘Benjamin’ not ‘Ben’ meaning it gets broken down into 3 syllables. Ben is so much easier to stick into a song!

Does ANYBODY else suffer from this little condition. I’ve noticed that I have blogged a few times recently about things that some things people might consider strange about me! lol

This doesn’t just stop with Benjamin…Sorry BEN. Samuel has now become Sam.

Why did I just not call them Ben and Sam from the start? Stupid daddy!

Tell me I’m not the only one. Unless of course I am in which case call me weird…It wouldnt be the first time!

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. I get frustrated by the assumption on everyone’s part that I must be an Anthony or Antony. When I’m dealing with people in an official capacity I almost feel obliged to introduce myself as, “Hi I’m Tony, christened Tony not Anthony.” Despite providing a passport and birth certificate for the first 6 years of my Army career I had to correct the official paperwork because it kept insisting on calling me Anthony.

    And there lies the rub, I suppose. If someone introduced themselves as Ben to you and it wasn’t until later on that you found out that their full name was Benjamin, would you switch or remain with what you had been calling them up until then?

  2. Lol – although I dont have an aversion to shortening names our eldest has always gone by her full name so when anyone shortens it it just sounds weird – at the end of the day its each to their own and you shouldnt think its weird although when I saw the picture of the bog I thought you were going to be posting about an aversion to using public toilets πŸ˜‰ take care T(h)om(as)

    1. Thanks for The comment T(h)om(as)!
      I do actually have a thing for avoiding toilets but I also have a smaller bladder than my kids so I ahve to ue them often! Stupid bladder!

  3. I hear where you’re coming from on this. I (personally) am opposite with my name. My full name is Michael, but I insist on being called Mike. But, with our son (also Benjamin) I hate when people call him Benny, or Benji, or any other variation. Ben or Benjamin, but NOTHING else people!

    My Wife says I’m holding on too tight to this one and should just let it go. They’re going to go by whatever the want to eventually anyway. But, as a fellow dad/dude with issues, I’m with you.

    Rock on

    1. Rock on Mickey! Sorry, couldnt resist.
      Yes, they will go by what they want EVENTUALLY, but while I can have a say I will!.
      I remind anybody who calls him Benji, that Benji is a dogs name and he isnt a dog!
      Then I growl at the,…normally deters them a bit!

      Thanks for the comment

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