3 Years – A birthday poem for BB

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3 Years Ago

3 years ago our family was only two
3 years ago there was no you.
3 years ago you were born into this world.
3 years ago we didnt know if you were a boy or a girl.

From that day our life has never been the same.
From that day it’s been one big game.
A game of mums and dads like I always hoped for.
This time next year, you’ll nearly be four!

For today is your birthday. The grand old age of 3.
I look forward to seeing the grown man that you’ll be.
A job? A home? Grandchildren too?
No matter what life brings I’ll be proud of you.

I know sometimes I can be bossy
When I rave and shout.
But you’ll always be my first born.
The child I dreamt about.

I hope that I’m a good dad
And one day you will see
Just how much I love you
And what you mean to me.

Now I’ve written this crappy poem
And published it on my blog.
A very happy birthday
from mummy, daddy LB and of course…the dog.

Happy birthday BB.


As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Poetry, who’d have thought it, I’m really impressed and crappy (as you call it) it is not, well done Sir.

    Now though, I’m thinking ahead to my daughter’s next birthday and I’m struggling with things that rhyme with seven.

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