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Well, it happened. We have begun potty training.
It kind of happened by accident. over the past month or so we have been getting BB to wear big boy pants every now and then. These attempts normally end with him getting upset up until the point in which we put him a nappy on.

On Saturday those objections didn’t happen. He put his ‘big boy’ pants on and kept them on!

He sat and ate his breakfast and after th 8065th time of me asking “Do you need to go wee wees” he said yes…. he bootspottysat on his potty (Bright pink, chosen by him) and he had a little wee!
A fuss was made and he seemed pretty pleased with himself.
He continued to eat his breakfast then I heard “Oh oh”. I turn around to see Niagara falls right there in my kitchen!

I found myself in a make or break moment. If I ignore the fact he has just peed everywhere then he wont realise that’s not something he should be doing but If I make too big of a deal, it could send him backwards and want the security of a nappy.
Well I seemed to have played it just right as from that point on, it has been big boy pants all the way!

We have had a couple of little accidents but he has done amazingly well. Using big boy pants has been a great idea because as soon as he starts to wee he gets that wet feeling and knows he should be doing it in the potty. It hasIMG_4072 only happened while he has been playing and too excited to think about it too much. It results in him walking up to you walking like a cowboy whose lost his horse. He really doesn’t like that feeling!

The sticker chart that he chose has worked well too. He knows that he gets a sticker every time he goes on the potty. Sometimes he forgets and if that happens we don’t make a fuss we just save the stickers for later.

The proudest moment so far came 3 days into potty training. I have never been so proud of somebody taking a poo before! It was MASSIVE and I can’t imagine how nasty that would have felt if it was squashed in a nappy, but he did it in the potty like a true potty professional.

Although it might be nothing and we are not getting too excited but even though we are still using nappies at bedtime, he is waking every morning with a dry nappy and going for a pee on his potty.

It’s still early days but it seems we are well on our way to a nappy free boy…well one of them anyway!

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  1. I’m well into all this potty training stuff at the moment. I recall we discussed this last time I did the LoveAllDads podcast.

    Our youngest, who is only 18 months, has been very vocal about wanting to do “wee wee.” We haven’t had much success yet, but the potty has been used a few times (as has the carpet). We’re a long way off getting to your boy’s stage, but it’ll be nice when it happens.

    Best of luck!

  2. I’m not sure I can face potty training… we had some promising signs which have come full circle and now I just think… fuck it. I’ll give it a few months and have a stress free, wee-free holiday! lol x Good luck tho 😉 sounds like u are off to a fab start xx

    1. They thought it was plain sailing on the Titanic……
      There will be plenty of iceberg in your way, you just gotta crash through them! Good luck.

      If you EVER need any advice come see me, Im sure I will find somebody that can help…I havent a clue!

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