DWB Does #Britmumslive – Part One

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Like somebody trying to explain how a delicious meal tastes, you won’t quite understand until you taste it yourself.

I had heard so much about Britmumslive it was difficult to know what to expect. on the 20th June 2014 I found out for myself!

Armed with a determination to not be as stand off-ish as I was when I attended my first ever blogging conference back at BlogOnMOSI and an expert in all things blogging Darren from OneDad3Girls, I hit The Brewery in London.

The weekend started with a Keynote speech from Emma Freud. I had heard of Ms Freud previously possibly due to her work with Comic Relief over the years, but instead of an inspirational speech about how being a strong woman in a male dominated industry (Which is what I expected) we instead were given a (I presume) intentionally self-deprecating and tongue in cheek tale of how she “Slept her way to the top” and “Only got involved with Comic Relief because I wanted to Shag Richard Curtis”. She concluded her speech by giving the advice that to get what you want you should simply lie. Another tale of lying to phone suppliers for the greater good of Comic Relief was the way forward back then and is still the way forward now. Of course I assume this was all said in jest but by the time the speech was over, I wasn’t quite sure what the message she was trying to deliver to her audience was?

What followed however was two days of socializing, networking, meeting old friends (most of which I’d never met!) and eating FAR too much! 🙂 After the keynote speech, I ventured into ‘THE HUB’. The epicentre of the weekend and the place to be if you wanted to drink coffee, eat cake and of course meet brands! The place was buzzing with chit-chat and old friends meeting and making new ones. It was great seeing so many people chatting away.
Most of the brands weren’t brands I would jump at working with peronally. There a few travel companies (travel blogging isn’t my thing really) but they were all extremely friendly and not at all pushy or ‘Salesy’ (invented a word) as I thought they would be. Attached to the Hub was the ‘Heinz baby Lounge’ and ‘Morrison’s Lounge’. Both places you could go to get away from the bustle of the THE HUB and relax a little. Morrisons also did a few chats where you could ask questions about recipes and stuff. This is where most of the damage to my diet was done! The desire for pork pie was stronger than my will power *Drools a little bit*

I spent a lot of the afternoon (The day started at 14:00), meeting other bloggers but I did catch the end of the first session I was interested in called “How I Did It: Success stories from high-profile bloggers – Jane Blackmore, Northern Mum; Emma Johnston, Fashion Foie Gras; Ana Silva O’Reilly, Mrs. O Around the World; Annie Spratt, Mammasaurus” I followed this with the session “Design tips to make your blog look gorgeous – Lucy Heath, Capture by Lucy“. I spoke to Lucy at BlogOnMOSI and she was once again full of advice.

Then came the BiB awards.

If you’re somehow unaware, I was nominated for two awards. Individually under ‘Social’ and also together with my Podcasting Buddies, the Love All Dads podcast was nominated under the Innovate category.
Sadly I didn’t win the Social award. Im cool with that, I didn’t deserve it. I don’t put as much into social networks as some. If I wasn’t going to win it I am extremely happy that Darren from OneDad3Girls won! More about Darren in part two of this post! lol But guess what!!!! The PODCAST WON!!!!

Britmums 2014 110

You are now reading the blog of an award-winning podcaster! F*@K YEAH!! I am extremely happy and proud to be part of the Love All Dads podcast and the a little part of the Love All Dads family as a whole. THE PODCAST WON!!!! After getting over the shock of winning the award, then over the shock of Tom from Diary of the Dad DROPPING the award, we ended the night with a lovely meal organised by Tired Mummy of two. 50 bloggers all chatting can make a hell of a lot of noise but it was another great chance to meet new people, something I promised myself I would do this time around.

Britmums 2014 102 Britmums 2014 104

Well, thats Friday done. if your still awake, check out Part Two of my weekend at BritmumsLive!

As always, thanks for reading.


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  1. Was great to meet you and have a laugh and a joke last weekend. I couldn’t agree more about Emma Freud, someone who clearly hadn’t researched her audience at all.

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