DWB Does #Britmumslive – Part Two

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After being a good boy on Friday night by going for food then back to bed so I didn’t have a hangover, We were up bright and early and ready for day 2 of BritmumsLive! If you missed Day One..clicky da linky!


After rushing to the hotel grabbing a drink and a breakfast bar from a Tesco Express I arrived at the venue ready for the reason I was invited in the first place…as a speaker.

Our job was to talk about podcasting. The who’s, what’s, whys of the LoveAllDads podcast.


We decided the best and most fun way of doing that, was to actually record a podcast as we would normally.

It went great and from feedback I have seen, people seemed to enjoy it. We didn’t talk about how we put the podcast together as much as I thought we would but as with other episodes of the podcast we digress into other subjects and time gets away from us.

It was a genuine pleasure to speak at BritmumsLive and I hope they don’t regret asking us along. It was also great to speak to people who have actually heard of the show and have listened or got their husbands to listen. It’s easy to forget once its recorded and published that its out in the world being consumed by people. Another thing that was pretty cool is more than 10 people turned up! A couple of years ago, there was a panel of dads and the turnout wasn’t great, but I was very happy with the amount that turned up for session, so thank you. You all made a fat man very happy and you did it without food!

Before the session I managed to catch a little bit of the opening keynote speech delivered by Benjamin Dutton-Brooks. He has an incredible story of how quickly life can change and how he has done an amazing job of overcoming a tragedy. Search out his story. His book It’s Not Raining Daddy, It’s Happy is available to buy.

After our session I caught a little bit of “Social media for advanced people: A fast-moving session on understanding social media better” by Paul Armstrong, Digital Orange but I hadn’t had coffee yet so headed back to THE HUB for some of the sweet caffeine nectar.

The next session I tried to catch was a session by James Dearsley from The Digital Marketing Bureau. The session was talking about G+. I have a G+ page but I know I don’t use it correctly so wanted to attend his session. It seems the popularity of the session was underestimated, The room was FULL. Not busy, FULL. I couldn’t even get close enough to hear! Bad move Britmums, bad move. Luckily The session was repeated and is available to see here!

Another platform I didn’t have a clue about was Instagram. I was a finalist for the ‘Social category and didn’t even have an Instagram account. Well Thanks to Marte Marie Forsberg’s session “How to Instagram Better: Take gorgeous snaps, build followers, be part of the community” I now have an Instagram account! It’s taking some getting used to but I’ll get there!

After trying to listen to the lovely Ruth Arnold’s session “Tech knowledge: Things you didn’t know you could do, but you can” and again giving up because it was a very popular session in a small room, I escaped back to THE HUB for more coffee!

The advantage of THE HUB was that that’s where you spoke to most of the other great bloggers that were there. I spoke to some people I already knew and also spoke to people  I have never spoken to before, which is something I found difficult at BlogOnMOSI so I’m glad I did it here.

Some thanks are owed for this weekend. BritmumsLive was a great experience and some people helped make it that way.

Darren From OneDad3Girls – Not only have you been a great blogging friend over the past 12 months, bouncing ideas off each other and answering all my stupid question, but you put a roof over my head for the night I am truly grateful. (Even if you wouldn’t let me take our award home 🙂
Tom from Diaryofthedad and John from Photowalkthrough – Doing the podcast has been a pleasure and I am extremely happy our little baby has won an award. Long may it continue.
Kylie – Thank you again for your kind offer.
LoopyRach – You talked to me at BlogOnMOSI and that helped me at Britmums. It was a pleasure the meet you on both occasions and I’m sure our paths will cross again!

Of course thanks again to Britmums for inviting us to speak and organising a great event. Maybe next year they can invite me again and I can talk about eating Morrisons pork pies. I’m pretty much an expert in that now.

Overall, I loved the experience of BritmumsLive. It has motivated me and helped me realise that this is my blog and I shouldn’t be afraid of doing with it what I want.

Now to buy my ticket for next year…..We might even get more than 10 blokes!

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Good to meet you and sorry i couldn’t stay for your podcast session on the Saturday. Reading your take on the keynote speakers is interesting(!) if a little different to mine but isn’t that the beauty of the individual? you guys now have new podcast follower – me! well done on your award. is it on some sort of rota amongst all of you?!?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I wasnt sure if to put my thoughts on the keynote as it may make me sound like an idiot, but that’s just the way it came accross to me, which is a shame as she has done some amazing things.
      Hopefully we can meet again next year!

  2. I am totally buying my ticket for next year, when I won;t be bastard well pregnant and I can shitfaced with everyone else! Although I too was smug about not having hangover… lol 🙂 Hope you’ve been polishing up that award :)) I’ve have been mine! ha!

    1. Nope. It was taken by one if the other guys, so not seen it since. Might buy my ticket tonight, maybe you’ll remember me next year! Lol

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