I’m a Britmums #bibs2014 finalist!!!

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I’m still expecting an apology email telling me there is some sort of mistake, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

As your all probably aware, I was recently shortlisted by the guys over at Britmums in the ‘Social’ category and the LoveAllDads podcast was shortlisted in the ‘innovate’ category.

On Friday, I was hard at work so couldn’t exactly sit on Twitter waiting for the finalists to be announced. It was a long wait, but definitely worth it as both myself and the podcast are finalists in our categories!!

This is how I found out….

Then this…

So there you have it. All my nagging was worth it! It really was an honour to be shortlisted and its even a bigger honour to be in the finals!

I am especially chuffed that the Love All Dads podcast has is in the finals. The Love All Dads website is a great website put together by Darren (A fellow finalist) to showcase the dad blogs out there. I know first hand that he works incredibly hard to keep the site going and get the dad blogging word out there! When we put the podcast together, We thought the Love All dads name was a perfect fit and born was the Love All Dads podcast. A massive Thank you goes out to him and our other two podcasters Tom and John. Not forgetting the many guests we have had on from time to time all making the podcast worthy of being in the final of the innovate category.

To hear more about how the podcast came about, and you’re attending Britmums Live, maybe you should join us on Saturday morning when we talk about podcasting at Britmums Live!!

Although I am still terrified of going to Britmums Live I am now a little excited to see who wins during the awards ceremony on Friday 20th June.

Good luck to all the finalists and thank you again for voting!!

As always, thanks for reading.



  1. Woohoo. Welcome to the crazy world of the BiBs and Britmums. It is all a bit bonkers isnt it?

    you totally deserve your place on the finalist list. I hope our paths cross in London!

    Good luck on the night.

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