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Little Tikes recently contacted me to ask if I would review one of their always popular trikes and to sweeten the deal (like it needed to be sweetened!), they also provided a little something for LB too!

First up is the jelly Bean Ride-on. Come back next time for a review of the  Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike Sports Edition.What Little Tikes say…

  • These cute, bright jelly bean ride-on’s are great for encouraging the development of motor skills in little ones making it the perfect first ride-on. With easy grip handles, 4-wheels and a comfortable smooth seat, your little one will enjoy riding around on their own both indoors and out.
  • Bright, engaging colors
  • Direct steering allows for sporty handling
  • Contoured Seat
  • Easy handle grip for maximum comfort
  • No assembly required

Find out more at: http://www.littletikes.co.uk/jelly-bean-racer-red.html

What The kids say…
ohhhhh….ahhhh…me me me me



What the wife says… (I decided to ask The Mrs to review this rather than me. It is used mostly during the day when I am at work, so TJB1he Mrs could offer a better opinion of it.)
On opening the box I thought it was quite plain but I like the bright colours.
Packaging was simple & easy to remove, no scissors required (great for quick playing!).
The kids think it’s great. Sam is now 16 months & it’s the perfect size for him. He can make it go forward & backwards & turn himself around easily. Better than some of the other ride on’s we have. (He can also use it to climb on the sofa & TV stand so multiple uses!!) It’s a little small for Ben,  he is a tall 33 months, however he  still has a go & zooms round the living room & garden on it – mainly I think to tease his little brother who is usually chasing him! They both like to sit on the jelly bean & watch cartoons, so I’m guessing that makes it a good & comfortable seat.

When I first saw it I called it a jelly bug instead of bean as I feel it has a bug look to it, especially with the handles. I think that could be an extra design that could be done – lady birds/bee’s/frog etc as part of the range. I have had to stop myself drawing eyes & a mouth on it a number of times!

All in all I think it’s a great ride on. Well made & feels durable (plastic cleans nice & easy) & with an RRP of £19.99 it’s well priced to compete with other ride-on’s on the market.

It has become a loved edition of our ever growing toy collection.
5 out of 5 – nothing I dislike about it.

As always, you give them something to play with….they want to play with the box!

JB4The Little Tikes Jelly Bean ride-on is available from Little Tikes  with a RRP of £19.99 (Currently available for £15.99 with 20% off)

A little information on Little Tikes:
Over 40 years ago, the Little Tikes company was born. With one goal, to create and manufacture toys that would engage the hearts and minds of children and their parents, it wasn’t long before word of Little Tikes’ imaginative products spread worldwide.

Pioneers of the iconic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe – perhaps the most widely recognised children’s toy of all time and the UK’s best-selling car– Little Tikes’ offering is bigger than ever before. Today, a multi-national manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, innovative children’s products, Little Tikes continues in its goal to create and supply revolutionary products to customers.

As always, thanks for reading

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