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Today is voting day….but I wont be voting!!!


Twitter is buzzing with declarations of loyalty to one party or another. Or in most cases a disdain for one party or another!

In today’s case it is a day for voting in the European elections. At least I think it is? After all I don’t keep up with politics.

Some people (including me) might shout “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain!!” but in this case, I can’t vote with any sort of honesty!

As I said, i don’t keep up with politics, especially those in europe so how can I possibly vote for the right person? I don’t know that John Smith has the right policies for me. or that Sarah Jones has the interest of the mass public at heart, so how can make my vote count when I don’t know the person for the job is?

Should I vote just to avoid certain parties from being in power? I have seen so many people tweet about parties stopping immigration and having certain rights for the UK, but I also know that the same party wants to take things away from the people of this country but those policies are kept quiet as they would cause people not to vote for them!

So for that reason I don’t vote. i hope that if you are the same as me and you would only be voting to be a statistic then You don’t vote either and if you do have an informed opinion then you SHOULD go out and make your voice heard and make your vote…GO NOW! Unless of course you already have voted, in which case take your coat off and relax!

Another advantage of not voting is that if I disagree with any of the policies I can walk around happy in the knowledge that I didn’t vote them in! lol

Now, I’m going back to my perfect little un political bubble where I ride around on a unicorn and drink beer from flutes made of gold…it’s always sunny here too!

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. But don’t you think that it’s your responsibly to be informed about these things? Politics, European and otherwise, affects so much of our daily life. How can you not care? I must admit that I struggled to decide who to vote for today and I can’t hand on heart say that I wholeheartedly back the policies of the party I voted for but not voting was never going to be an option. We are incredibly lucky to live in a democracy and when I hear of people not using that right, it makes me incredibly sad. We are living in scary political times right now and it has never been so important. Sorry! Rant over!

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